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Stuart Stevens

Resolute Square Partner and The Lincoln Project advisor

About Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens grew up in Mississippi, a seventh-generation Mississippian. For a very long time he’s been driven by a fascination and love of politics, film, and writing and has pursued those interests throughout his life. 

Stuart Stevens was a founding partner in Strategic Partners & Media and stepped down from the company in April 2019. He is currently an advisor to The Lincoln Project and is working on his next novel.

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SPECIAL EVENT: Two Years of Terror: Ukraine Unbroken
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Watch a very special episode of the Strategy Session  marking two years since Vladimir Putin's criminal invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian unwavering fight for freedom, independence, and democracy. Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens are joined by special guests Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, American journalist turned volunteer fighter in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Olexandr Musiienko, head of the Kyiv-based Center for Military and Legal Studies. This important conversation will touch on the state of the war, the imperative of America's leadership in the West, PSYOPs and information warfare, and what the state of freedom and democracy looks like as Ukraine faces a third year of genocide at the hands of Vladimir Putin.
February 24, 2024
The Races That Matter with Guest: Simon Rosenberg!
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

What does the Suozzi win mean for Dems in November? Simon Rosenberg stopped by to inject some hope into the discussion. Catch up now!
February 21, 2024
Lindsey Graham Has Always Been Weak
Stuart and Tom discuss the weakness of Sen. Lindsey Graham and his willingness to shape-shift in order to stay close to power.
February 14, 2024
Strategy Session with Special Guest: Tom Nichols!
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Special guest Tom Nichols, Atlantic staff writer, author, and self-described "Curmudgeon. Cat guy. Democracy enthusiast, defender of experts," joined the Strategy Session for an essential conversation on the GOP, Trump, and Putin - and what that toxic brew means for the future of Ukraine, liberal democracies, and the risk of WWIII.
February 14, 2024
The Peril Of Impatience
In his weekly campaign memo, Stuart Stevens writes: "The most underrated quality in politics (like investing) is patience. Politics in America in 2024 is a multi-billion-dollar business open for three weeks. Most political commentary, amateur and professional, is done by those who rush to sell stocks when the market drops."
February 12, 2024
Truth or Trump Game
Let's Play Truth or Trump!
February 7, 2024
JD Vance's Dream: A Country Where Black Americans Can't Vote
Rick and Stuart call out JD Vance on his weekend statements that he absolutely would have decertified the 2020 election - an effort that focused on states with large populations of Black voters.
February 7, 2024
No, Donald, you can't commit crimes indiscriminately.
Stuart Stevens weighs in the the latest Trump court loss and why the disgraced ex-president reminds him of Southerners fighting against integration.
February 7, 2024
Smile! It Was A Bad Day For MAGA
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Rick and Stuart were in rare form! From Trump losing in court AGAIN (turns out the appellate court doesn't think he can shoot someone of 5th Ave) to his ever-worsening foot-in-mouth disease, it's obvious that Biden's best weapon against Trump is...well...Trump.
February 7, 2024
A Critical, Crushing Defeat
Stuart Stevens writes, "Because of this troubling history of primary challenges for incumbents, the Biden campaign had no choice but to take seriously the primary challenge of Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips." So, they did and they crushed him.
February 6, 2024
Ukraine Is Fighting The War We Thought We'd Won
Stuart Stevens on a powerful approach to put pressure on the House GOP to step up, do what's right, and fund the defense of democracy by funding Ukraine.
January 31, 2024
Strategy Session with Special Guest: Dr. Jen Mercieca!
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

This episode is a banger! Jen Mercieca, Rick, Stuart, and Joe cover everything from Trump as the "Second Coming" to MAGA's VERY BAD IDEA of declaring war on Taylor Swift and the Swifties. Jen unpacked the rhetorical tricks that fuel MAGA and hijack their brains. Catch up now!
January 30, 2024