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If you're looking for someone who actually knows how presidential and national politics works to explain what's going on in 30 minutes or less, this is the show for you. Joe Trippi is a longtime Democratic campaign manager who ran the progressive Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004 and the historic Doug Jones Senate campaign to defeat Roy Moore in 2017. He's seen it all and isn't bogged down by the viral tweets or hot takes du jour. He's looking past the headlines to answer the questions that matter: How do Democrats win key races moving forward?
That Trippi Show
A Controlled Experiment To Break The MAGA Fever
Does Biden have a black belt in political jiu-jitsu? Political columnist Greg Sargent says Biden's major accomplishments are blows to the MAGA grievance machine. Plus, why DeSantis' culture crusades could be his undoing - even in the GOP primary.
February 3, 2023
That Trippi Show
Rating Joe Biden Two Years In
Good news for Dems in '24? Yes, say Joe Trippi and Alex Shashlo. After two years in office, Biden's performance has been nothing short of remarkable. Major investments in infrastructure - in red states and blue, leading a multinational coalition against Putin's genocide in Ukraine, managing and rebuilding from a global pandemic, record jobs growth, and slowing inflation - quite a first 2 yrs. But Alex just had to say it - VP MTG? You can't avoid the crazy, but we can fight back.
January 27, 2023
That Trippi Show
How To Save Democracy With Mike Podhorzer
What really happened in the days after the 2020 election - and how did people across the political spectrum come together to save our democratic process? Mike Podhorzer joins Joe and Alex to talk about why building a pro-democracy coalition is crucial. Also - Why a massive media miss at the end of 2022 probably cost the Democrats the House.
January 20, 2023
That Trippi Show
They Want To Wreck The Government
The GOP should remember - when you start a forest fire, everything in it dies. Hear why Joe believes the House wildfire of chaos could lead to the GOP suffering severe electoral burns.
January 13, 2023
That Trippi Show
The Crazy Is Who They Are
Joe and Alex are back - but the House GOP isn't. The House GOP leadership fight continues - and why, even if a Speaker is chosen, the fight ain't ending anytime soon. And why this is all Trump playbook 101 - he isn't going anywhere. His election-denying protegees are now in full control of the House GOP. Plus - what President Biden is doing to capitalize on the chaos (hit, it's what he's always done) and why all this crazy has Joe's crystal ball fogging up.
January 6, 2023
That Trippi Show
The One Thing Democrats Need To Understand
A story out of the AP that has us all scratching our heads - why it matters that Gen Z so strongly supported Democrats and why we have to stamp down the false narrative that Democrats struggled with young voters. Why they think the Sinema defection is ultimately much ado about nothing. Is it a mistake for Sinema? And what it means for our party - what do Democrats everywhere need to understand? Why having someone who doesn't vote with Democrats 100% of the time is still critical to getting things done. And a reader question about how we can keep up the momentum in 2024.
December 16, 2022
That Trippi Show
Why MAGA's so freaked out by Gen Z, with Victor Shi
Georgia gave Herschel Walker the Heisman (Thanks, Dave Pell) -and youth voters were a big part of it. Joe and Alex break down the Georgia win and what it means with special guest Victor Shi - who's been hard at work organizing Gen Z and youth voters. What are they doing that has MAGA so freaked out? And no, Newt, it isn't just getting on TikTok. What's the path forward for Democrats to capitalize on their historic wins with Gen Z? Check out more of Victor's work @VictorShi2020 on Twitter.
December 9, 2022
That Trippi Show
"It will be hand-to-hand combat"
Another wild week in the GOP may have far-reaching consequences beyond just the hand-to-hand combat for speaker. Joe and Alex welcome back Trygve Olson to discuss why "don't negotiate with terrorists" may not apply to Kevin McCarthy, who may be the first hostage elected Speaker of the House in history (if he even makes it that far). And why the whole Trump-Fuentes-Ye fiasco might have bigger negative implications for voters than the larger media narrative assumes. Plus: Why we may have a bigger opportunity to drive people off of Trump and Trumpists coming into 2024. And why Joe actually quoted Newt Gingrich... praising Biden? Read Isaac Chotiner's piece in the New Yorker here:
December 2, 2022
That Trippi Show
"Republicans are on the verge of losing this generation forever"
On a special guest episode of That Trippi Show, author and director of polling at the Harvard Institute of Politics, John Della Volpe, joins Joe and Alex to discuss one of the most impactful trends in politics -- growing engagement among young voters. What changed in 2018 that John and Joe see continuing through 2022 and beyond? And why John thinks Democrats might be winning the long-term battle for young voters -- and locking in gains for decades. What policies and tactics should campaigns follow to win young voters? (Hint: It's all about the relationships, not the transactions).
November 25, 2022
That Trippi Show
"They did their own research"
Joe and Alex are joined by TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier and Simon Rosenberg to break down what we actually saw in the 2022 midterms. How did a new tool help crush the narrative of the Red Mirage? And why did the media stay so locked in on the Red Wave idea? (They did their own research!) Turns out hopium on our side was more like... copium from theirs. How bad was the MAGA hangover? And what's the future of the Democratic coalition - why does it all come back to Arizona? Finally - a quick look at Georgia. How do we see the runoff shaping up?
November 18, 2022
That Trippi Show
What red wave?
What red wave? Not this time. Joe and Alex break down a historic night for Democrats - but if you've listened to the show, you knew this was coming all along. What happened in some of the key states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and others? And a surprise race in Colorado that (almost) no one saw coming. And why does Joe think young voter turnout might have lasting consequences for decades?
November 11, 2022
That Trippi Show
"No stone unturned. Fight till the end."
Joe and Alex discuss what the final weekend of a campaign is like - and why they find themselves knocking doors, not in a studio, in the final days. What's the final weekend like for campaign staff? Can a campaign turn things around so late? Why is Trump in Iowa this week - and why that could be a bad sign for Chuck Grassley. Plus, a sign Democrats may be optimistic about Election Day turnout.
November 5, 2022
That Trippi Show
"The most dangerous man ever to be on a ballot" - Nevada Deep Dive with Jon Ralston
Jon Ralston - Founder and CEO of the Nevada Independent, joins the show to talk Nevada in the final Deep Dive of election season! Nobody knows Nevada data better than Jon - what are the key counties he thinks will decide the election in Nevada? What is Jon seeing from the early vote that might be the "canary in the coal mine" for Democrats? What do Democrats need from the Clark County "firewall" to be confident on Election Day? And which GOP candidate does Jon think is "the most dangerous man ever to be on a ballot?"
November 1, 2022

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