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Gen Z is the generation born beginning in 2000. They are the largest and most diverse generation is US history, as well as one of the most politically engaged breaking youth voter turnout records in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Most frequently voting for Democrats, the majority of Gen Z identify as political independents. They are complete digital natives who have grown up with social media as a major means of connection and communication, and, because of that, are more connected to peers internationally than any previous generation. They have also grown up under the threat of climate change, school mass shootings, and a global pandemic. Despite these challenges, they are funny, ironic, positive, organized, solutions-oriented, and an excellent reason to be hopeful for the future. In short, R2 loves Gen Z.
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    Gen Z did the Democrats a huge favor in the mid-term elections by showing up at the polls. Writer, speaker, activist and contributor to Resolute Square, Victor Shi, joins Rick to discuss voter turnout. At 17, Shi was elected as the youngest delegate for Joe Biden to the DNC Convention in 2020. He is currently involved in getting out the Gen Z vote and is a student at UCLA. He discusses the important role Gen Z had in the mid-terms and will have in the upcoming Presidential election. Rick puts this week's Enemies List entrant on blast. Listen to find out who gets blasted.
    November 28, 2022