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For nearly five years, the Lincoln Project has waged a relentless campaign of targeted attacks on Trump and his deranged ilk, armed with the most watched and talked-about ad content on the internet. At the helm of the Lincoln Project and host of this podcast is Rick Wilson. Sitting down with guests ranging from leading political minds to pop-culture icons, Rick leads discussions of everything from the big events of the week to in-depth conversations about guests' careers, accomplishments, and unique experiences. The Lincoln Project Podcast is committed to reigniting the political flame in every American and breaking down the biggest topics of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Say It, "It’s The Messaging, Stupid.”
Host Rick Wilson has a come-to-Jesus moment with the campaigns and politicians who stand in opposition to Donald Trump. The lesson? Get on message.
June 17, 2024
Gen Z: The "Social" Party
On this episode of the LP Podcast, host Rick Wilson talks to Kwame Jackson and Jason Palmer of Together! PAC, which is a common sense movement that aims to engage young people in politics in a more impactful and honest way. From posting six-second, attention-span-friendly ads on TikTok to collaborating with gaming influencers on Twitch, Together! PAC provides a platform for young people to communicate, raises money for causes impacting our country's youth, and implements a blueprint for gen-z to actively participate in their political future.
June 11, 2024
The 80th Anniversary of D-Day with Rick Wilson & Ken Burns
The LP Podcast welcomes its new host, Lincoln Project co-founder and Creative Director, Rick Wilson. In this episode, Rick is joined by legendary filmmaker Ken Burns as they discuss the events and circumstances which gave America her Greatest Generation, as well as what Americans can learn from them in an age where democratic institutions are under threat from without and within.
June 8, 2024

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