Resolute Square

About Us

Resolute Square is an ambitious effort to rethink how the media fights against autocracy beyond the 2024 presidential race. FOX News went from a small upstart to defining an entire era of political discourse. Resolute Square is no less ambitious.

Our mission is to expose, inspire, inform, lead, and connect — and give you the tools to fight the poison peddlers trying to destroy our democracy. We are a growing community of creators, thinkers, strategists, and activists committed to taking on the autocrats and their right-wing media mouthpieces to defend democracy. That will take the form of podcasts, streaming programming, newsletters, articles, town halls, public and virtual community gatherings, and strategy calls with people who have led the biggest campaigns - and won.

And that is the beginning. Resolute Square will grow to be what it must be: a media platform built by warriors to go to war. It will be your voice to take on bullies, liars, and freaks like Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes, and Ben Shapiro. The political right has merged with the far right, and their propaganda machine is growing. Every hour of every day, dozens of radical, right-wing media outlets pump poison into the democratic bloodstream. They thrive on conspiracy, incite hatred, promote violence, spread lies, and tear down America.

To save the America we love, we must come together to fight the evil MAGA media with the ferocity it took to defeat Donald Trump. It is not enough to beat their hateful candidates. We must become a loud, constant, sustaining pro-democracy voice. The American Experiment must never again find itself on the knife’s edge of falling to autocratic forces, which is precisely where the Republican Party has taken us.

But we want to build Resolute Square through the support of members and the pro-democracy community, not a handful of malicious billionaires and wannabe despots. That all starts with individuals like you helping and becoming members of the movement.

Today the MAGA Republican Party has morphed into a sweeping authoritarian crusade. Don’t let the buffoonish characters fool you – it is a dedicated, serious movement housed in the Republican party, funded by billionaire plutocrats, staffed by dangerous men and women, and amplified by the radical right-wing media ecosystem led by Fox News. They are confident, patient, and committed to breaking American democracy.

This is what we all know: there are more of us than of them. We are right, and they are wrong. We can do this. We must do this. Together.

Resolute Square is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to promoting democratic values.