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Ron DeSantis

The 2nd term Governor of Florida and reason that the state has one of the highest death rates per capita from COVID-19. When Ron isn't convincing people to congregate unmasked during a pandemic, he's practicing his mini-me Trump impersonations both legislatively and physically by arresting Black voters his administration approved to vote and tormenting the LGBTQ community in hopes of one day being America's favorite authoritarian. Never. Going. To. Happen.
Credit: Office of the Governor of Florida

Video Moments

  • Ron's launch message flop
    Discussing DeSantis ad that was nothing but a vanity play that will come back and bite him in the ass constantly from now until he drops out of the primary.
    November 18, 2022
  • Trump-DeSantis murder suicide pact
    Trump's attitude will be, "If I can't have the the presidency, no Republican will" and he'll destroy DeSantis if he's the nominee
    November 19, 2022



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