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About Maya May

Maya May is a stand-up comedian, writer, teacher and host. As a comedian, she’s headlined at dozens of colleges and has been featured on CNBC, Fox, ABC, and iHeartRadio. Prior to pivoting to comedy Maya lived in Argentina, launching a language learning and community-building event, Spanglish Exchange, which has since connected over 50,000 English and Spanish speakers, one conversation at a time.

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The Enemies List
They're Coming For You Next
The Enemies List

Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

On this episode of The Enemies List, comedian and activist Maya May sits in for Rick as he took a rare week off. Maya welcomes New York Times writer, Ted Talk speaker, author, and comedian, Wajahat Ali to the podcast. They discuss how the Republican party methodically makes different groups the villain trying to inject fear into the American people.
June 7, 2023
Maya May and family
Got Rage? Then Do Something
I consider myself an expert at converting rage into positive action, but this election cycle was different. There was too much of it.
November 22, 2022
The Strategy Call
Strategy Call Premiere Episode
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

On the premiere episode, Tara Setmayer takes you inside the room with Rick Wilson, Reed Galen, Stuart Stevens, Joe Trippi, and Maya May, as they talk strategy about the GOP implosion after the midterm, the return of the orange one, and more. This is a free preview of our subscriber-only weekly event.
November 16, 2022