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Resolute Square Executive Editor and a Contributor, writer, political activist, and host

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Lisa Senecal is a writer, entrepreneur, political professional and activist, co-host of We're Speaking, and Executive Editor of Resolute Square. Her perspectives and writing appear in a range of media, from NPR Morning Edition and PBS News Hour to The Daily Beast and USA Today. Lisa was appointed to the Vermont Commission on Women by Gov. Phil Scott in 2017 where she has served as Co-Chair and Chair since 2019.

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Understanding The Realities Of Russian Propaganda And Disinformation
ZeroLine horizontal

ZeroLine with Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo gives an update on the war from Kyiv and shares her experiences being targeted by Russian propaganda. Sarah and Lisa Senecal discuss useful Russian stooges like Tucker Carlson who aid the Kremlin by pushing its disinformation into the US mainstream and social media.
September 14, 2023
Queer Liberation Protest
The Right Is Playing A Dangerous Game With Our Children
Trans children are the preferred target of the far right and Christo fascists today, but the othering of vulnerable groups in society – those with the least social, political, and financial power – is nothing new in America or around the globe, writes Lisa Senecal.
June 15, 2023
Nobody Gets That Mad Because They’re Winning
The Republican party is choosing to hold a sexual predator as the representative of their values and goals.
May 20, 2023
The Poison Of Fascism: America's Kids In Crisis
Lisa Senecal warns that we have to make a decision: Do we value our children's lives enough to do something?
April 20, 2023
desantis chubby cheeks
DeSantis Is The Great Red Wave Of The 2024 GOP Primary
Like the Great Red Wave of 2022, Ron DeSantis's campaign is crumbling right before our very eyes to the chagrin of the Republican media machine and donors ready to move past Trump.
March 31, 2023
Marjorie Taylor Greene and McCarthy In Toxic Love
A Timeless Story Of Toxic Love
McCarthy pledged, "I will never leave that woman. I will always take care of her." One filthy hand washes the other in this toxic love story.
January 26, 2023
Rick Wilson
Calling Out Crazy
"That's not conservative. That's bleeping crazy."
January 25, 2023
Trump, MAGA, and GOP Hopefuls Are Sharpening Their Knives
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

The attack ads targeting Biden are will be coming fast, furious, and sooner than you think. Rick Wilson and Reed Galen talk Biden vulnerabilities and what Joe and the Democrats must do to win a fight where democracy is on the line.
January 24, 2023
Biden 2024
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Will he run, and what does the answer mean for Democrats, Republican challengers, and democracy? Strategists Joe Trippi and Stuart Stevens talk Biden 2024 with host Lisa Senecal and her initial techical gremlins.
January 17, 2023
Strategy Session four-box
Strategy Session Lightning Round
Who will be the last two standing in the GOP POTUS Primary?
January 12, 2023
Trump ugly
Trump Sees Weakness As Opportunity
Anyone GOP challenger to Trump in '24 better be prepared to be savaged with lies on the debate stage when he smells weakness.
January 12, 2023
Strategy Session
TONIGHT: Why '23 Will Decide '24
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Bold GOP Presidential Primary predictions were made in this latest episode of the Strategy Session. Rick Wilson, Reed Galen, and Stuart Stevens, along with host Lisa Senecal, discuss why 2023 will likely decide 2024, and Rick predicts who the last two standing will be - and DeSantis isn't one of them.
January 10, 2023
Insurrection on January 6
An Unhappy Anniversary
The chaos of the Trump presidency culminated in a long-planned violent attempt to end the transfer of presidential power. The efforts to create chaos and weaken our democratic institutions and democracy overall continue, as evidenced this week in the GOP-controlled, but clearly out of control, House.
January 6, 2023


Russo-Ukrainian War
Russo-Ukrainian War
Vladimir Putin’s criminal invasion and ongoing genocide in Ukraine that began in February of 2022. Provoked by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who saw an independent Ukraine’s shift toward democracy and potential expansion of NATO as a threat to his power in the region. Putin’s underestimation of Ukraine’s counter-offensive and global support rallied by Pres. Joe Biden has resulted in a weakening of Putin’s power over the Russian people and the region.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Twice-impeached 45th POTUS and wannabe authoritarian dictator who orchestrated a violent insurrection to overthrow the US Government in order to remain president despite losing re-election to Joseph R. Biden by 7,059,547 votes.
Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis
The 2nd term Governor of Florida and reason that the state has one of the highest death rates per capita from COVID-19. When Ron isn't convincing people to congregate unmasked during a pandemic, he's practicing his mini-me Trump impersonations both legislatively and physically by arresting Black voters his administration approved to vote and tormenting the LGBTQ community in hopes of one day being America's favorite authoritarian. Never. Going. To. Happen.
Republican Party
Republican Party
MAGA’s hold on the GOP
MAGA’s hold on the GOP
The Ultra MAGA Movement
The Ultra MAGA Movement
President Biden coined the term “Ultra-MAGA” to describe the current extremist contingent within the Republican Party that has become the driving force for the GOP’s increasingly radical agenda. Of course, they embraced the description.
Rick Scott
Rick Scott
Rick Scott, United States Senator from Florida, elected senate for Florida Class 1 senate seat