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Andra Watkins

Bestselling author, Survivor of Christian Nationalism, Project 2025 Expert

About Andra Watkins

Andra Watkins is a bestselling author, survivor of Christian Nationalism, and an expert on Project 2025.

She is author of the NYT bestselling memoir, "Not Without My Father: One Woman's 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace." Andra also authors the newsletter "How Project 2025 Will Ruin YOUR Life" exposing how Project 2025 impacts YOUR life, YOUR family, YOUR job, and YOUR community. It's everything the mainstream media doesn't cover, with detailed explanations of how it affects YOU.

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Project 2025: What Is Religious Liberty?
For Christian Nationalists, it means "I can discriminate against you, but you can't discriminate against me," writes Project 2025 expert Andra Watkins.
June 12, 2024
What Is Separation of Church and State?
Andra Watkins writes: “This is where Madison’s words aren’t ambiguous: The government has no right to impose religious morality on Americans. And that is precisely what Project 2025 aims to do. That is what many red states are already doing. It is a violation of our Constitution. As Americans, we cannot stand for it.”
June 12, 2024
Project 2025: Where All Media Supports the President's Agenda
The Christian Nationalist's plan for America in a second Trump term is a masterclass in crafting propaganda. Andra Watkins explores the disturbing world of Project 2025, where all media is manipulated to support the president's agenda.
May 30, 2024