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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

Published:January 8, 2024
This week on The Enemies List, Rick is joined by author Brad Meltzer to discuss his children's book series "Ordinary People Change the World," marking its 10th anniversary. Together, they speak to the importance of providing young readers with real role models through stories of historical figures like Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Rogers, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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  • It's All About The Taxes With Ro Khanna
    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    Rick Wilson interviews Congressman Ro Khanna, who represents Silicon Valley, on a range of critical topics. They discuss the tech industry’s support for Donald Trump, America’s and Congress’s readiness for artificial general intelligence (AGI), the necessity of antitrust regulation in Silicon Valley, the future of TikTok, and the impact of disinformation on politics.
    July 10, 2024
  • Every Vote Counts with Lauren Kunis
    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    Rick Wilson speaks with Lauren Kunis, the Executive Director of VoteRiders, a national nonpartisan organization dedicated to voting rights. VoteRiders focuses on voter ID assistance, offering free direct help to eligible voters and running voter education programs across the country. With 38 states now enforcing voter ID laws, these regulations disproportionately impact underrepresented groups, including young people, Black and Hispanic voters, low-income individuals, and those with disabilities. VoteRiders aims to ensure that voter ID laws do not disenfranchise eligible voters and that everyone has access to the ballot box.
    July 8, 2024
  • Gen Z: The "Social" Party
    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    On this episode of the LP Podcast, host Rick Wilson talks to Kwame Jackson and Jason Palmer of Together! PAC, which is a common sense movement that aims to engage young people in politics in a more impactful and honest way. From posting six-second, attention-span-friendly ads on TikTok to collaborating with gaming influencers on Twitch, Together! PAC provides a platform for young people to communicate, raises money for causes impacting our country's youth, and implements a blueprint for gen-z to actively participate in their political future.
    June 11, 2024
  • The Deadly Equation: High Inequality and Gun Accessibility
    From Brian Daitzman: "Economic inequality, gun accessibility, and gun violence are deeply intertwined in contemporary society. High inequality and easy access to firearms, whether legal or illegal, significantly contribute to gun violence."
    May 16, 2024
  • "Act Wisely": A Chilling Letter...
    David Pepper looks at the mafia-impersonating letter from Ohio AG Dave Yost to higher education leaders, in which he isues warnings of potential federal law violations, criminal penalties for universities and colleges in Ohio, and menacingly advising them to "act wisely."
    May 2, 2024