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Why The Math Just Doesn't Work For Trump
Another primary in the books -- why does Joe think the math in Michigan heavily favors Joe Biden? And why Trump nuking GOP early voting might turn out disastrously for him this year. Turns out that No Labels "isn't in it to win it" (their words) after all. Shocker! And what does a Republican Senate look like without Mitch McConnell? Hint: Trumpier and Trumpier.
March 1, 2024
War’s Tests Of Courage And Character
Despite baseless accusations of espionage and foreign influence, Kyle Parker, a dedicated civil servant involved in Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression, remains steadfast in his support. As Sarah Ashton-Cirillo highlights, those who sacrifice and contribute to Ukraine's cause often face scrutiny, yet their heroic actions cannot be overshadowed by the J.D Vances of the world.
February 29, 2024
Why Some Prefer Oligarchy and (🎶 What’s Russia got to do, got to do with it? 🎶)
Grab a warm drink and a comfortable seat because Teri Kanefield breaks down the GOP connections to Russian influence and you don't want to miss a word.
February 29, 2024
Biden Breaks 80% in Michigan, Trump Continues To Struggle
Despite the predictions of impending doom for the Biden re-elect, it's the Trump campaign that continues to struggle in primary state after primary state. Simon Rosenberg explains as only Simon can.
February 29, 2024
Podcast #102 - Fox News: The South Carolina Primary, A Trump Town Hall and the Migrant Invasion
Meet the Trump cult in their natural habitat of the Southern diner. Trump spews a bunch of nonsense in a highly edited town hall. Ainsley Earhardt goes on about 'normal Americans" Fox News exploits the murder of a nursing student to smear migrants. Juliet makes fun of Kari Lake at the end of this one and does a quick impression of her mom.
February 29, 2024
Ukrainian Valor & Russian Aggression
This week on ZeroLine from Ukraine, Sarah passionately calls for focus and solidarity in the face of misinformation and political intrigue, underscoring the global implications of Ukraine's struggle for democracy. Joined as always by Resolute Square executive editor Lisa Senecal, they give a critical update on the state of the conflict.
February 29, 2024
What Price Victory?
Romeo Kokriatski writes from Ukraine: "So many of our countrymen have lost everything. If we allow our morale to flag, if we allow ourselves to consider any answer other than “liberation,” then we consign ourselves to lose everything too, to lose that which makes us fundamentally Ukrainian – our freedom."
February 29, 2024
The Red Court Delays Justice
Rick Wilson shares his thoughts on the compromised Supreme Court's decision to hear Donald Trump's inane claim of "Presidential immunity." What do you call leaders who cannot be held accountable for crimes? Dictators.
February 29, 2024
Bonus Podcast - Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Primary - Will Nikki Haley Go Rogue?
This episode focuses on how Fox News covered the South Carolina primary. There was a great deal of concern by many folks on Fox about Trump's chances in the general election. Is Nikki Haley going rogue? Will Trump be able to get her supporters once she drops out? I do a goofy impression of Judge Jeanine at the end of the episode.
February 28, 2024
Michigan Madness, CPAC Insanity, and Neo-Nazis
This week on The Enemies List, Rick rants on the Michigan republican primary and its implications for the GOP, spotlighting Trump's failure to solidify the Republican base and the notable dissatisfaction among Republican voters. He calls out CPAC for embracing extremist elements (including neo-Nazis), arguing it has lost significance and has become part of the extreme MAGA ecosystem. He dissects Trump's CPAC speech, casting it as a harbinger of divisive and revenge-driven politics. The episode raises concerns about threats to democracy, the rule of law, and the influence of nationalistic rhetoric.
February 28, 2024
Children With Chainsaws
Rick Wilson Explains Why Mike Johnson's House Will Shut Down The Government If They Can
February 26, 2024
Special Weekly Campaign Memo - FREE book download
Ukraine at Two Years: What Leadership Truly Means
February 26, 2024
Trolls, Trials & Trump: An Absurdist Political Satire
Join Rick Wilson and political commentator Tara Dublin on The Enemies List podcast as they candidly discuss the absurdities of the current political climate, one rife with online trolling, GOP inefficacy, and Donald Trump's legal troubles. With a satirical edge and a dose of humor, they provide a much needed , funny, yet insightful commentary.
February 26, 2024
SPECIAL EVENT: Two Years of Terror: Ukraine Unbroken
Watch a very special episode of the Strategy Session  marking two years since Vladimir Putin's criminal invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian unwavering fight for freedom, independence, and democracy. Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens are joined by special guests Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, American journalist turned volunteer fighter in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Olexandr Musiienko, head of the Kyiv-based Center for Military and Legal Studies. This important conversation will touch on the state of the war, the imperative of America's leadership in the West, PSYOPs and information warfare, and what the state of freedom and democracy looks like as Ukraine faces a third year of genocide at the hands of Vladimir Putin.
February 24, 2024
Bonus Podcast - Friday Night Freakout - Fox News Meltdowns Over Trump's Legal Fiascos
Join Juliet Jeske on this bonus episode as she goes over Fox's out there reactions to Trump's legal issues. This episode is an overview of every show on Friday night starting from The Five to Hannity. The Fox News hosts breakdown and freakout. Join Juliet Jeske on this bonus episode as she goes over Fox's out there reactions to Trump's legal issues.
February 23, 2024
That Trippi Show
The Trump Scam Finally Catches Up To Him
Turns out when most of your money is going to pay legal fees, people don't like to donate to your campaign. Joe gets into why Republicans have a huge hard money problem right now. Plus who's his pick in the Trump veepstakes? And why Alexei Navalny's final words are a lesson to everyone in the pro-democracy movement.
February 23, 2024
The Seeds Of Their Destruction
Rick Wilson goes deep on how the Republican Party can thank the financial and political troubles plaguing Donald Trump and the party for the rapid decline of the MAGA GOP, and it's only getting worse.
February 22, 2024
Script Flipped: Ukraine’s Information Warfare Win
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo writes: "The operation ended with a US Senator accusing me of being an American intelligence officer embedded in Ukraine, a presentation of our work as a case study to NATO, and Russia financially sanctioning me and naming me to their terrorists and extremists list."
February 22, 2024
Ukraine: Two Years Of Giving Russia Hell
Returning special guest Oleksandr Musiienko, head of the Kiev-based Center for Military and Legal Studies, joins Sarah Ashton-Cirillo and Lisa Senecal to dive deep into Ukraine's defense strategy, European support, and the outcomes of the Munich Security Conference. Oleksandr shares expert insights on the critical role of timely military aid, the strategic importance of specific weapons systems, and the impact of European solidarity with Ukraine. Additionally, they explore the challenges and successes of Ukraine's military leadership, the morale of its forces, and strategic decisions on the battlefield, including maritime operations against the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
February 22, 2024