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Understanding The Realities Of Russian Propaganda And Disinformation
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo gives an update on the war from Kyiv and shares her experiences being targeted by Russian propaganda. Sarah and Lisa Senecal discuss useful Russian stooges like Tucker Carlson who aid the Kremlin by pushing its disinformation into the US mainstream and social media.
September 14, 2023
Neo-Nazis And Neo-Fascists Found A Home In Pinochet's Chile. Today's Fascists Admire That Regime Of Terror
Ruth Ben-Ghiat explores the continuation of Fascist ideologies and terror tactics after WWII, focusing on the Chilean dictatorship of Pinochet and its lasting legacies.
September 13, 2023
How Adult and Youth Organizers Can Work Better Together
Researcher and Gen Z activist Eve Levenson works at the intersection of youth and adult advocacy. Her new study provides a roadmap for max effectiveness going into 2024.
September 13, 2023
Don’t Get Distracted. Fight FOR Democracy In States…And Keep Winning
David Pepper reminds us that focusing on the threats to democracy on a local and state level now is how we'll defend democracy moving forward.
September 12, 2023
Why Trump’s Supporters Want The Long Con
Dr. Jennifer Mercieca examines how Donald Trump used communication to con his supporters and suggests strategies to cool out his marks and defend democracy in America.
September 12, 2023
9/11 As Shock Event: The Path To Illiberal Politics
As we remember the tragedy and attack of 9/11, it's an important time to revisit Ruth Ben-Ghiat's Sept. 2022 piece on the anti-democratic policies enacted and accepted post-9/11.
September 11, 2023
Headlines Vs. Heartlines: Peeling Back Polling Narratives And Discovering A Unified Democratic Party
What if there isn't the generational divide that we're all led to believe exists - at least within the Democratic Party? Now the Republicans...
September 11, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Republican Death Spiral And Biden's Boring Effectiveness With Molly Jong-Fast
Rick and Molly connect on the lunacy of the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the pernicious presence of the No Labels party across the country, the misinformation around President Biden's health, Twitter's role in the upcoming election and answer important question "what's up with the Nazis?"
September 11, 2023
That Trippi Show
One Poll 14 Months Out Or 40 Years Of Presidential Results
We really need to stop handwringing about these polls! Joe gets into why 40 years of presidential elections show just how meaningless any poll 14 months out is. And how do Democrats handle the age question? Turns out, Joe Biden's already answering it. Hint: 170,000+ jobs created from the Inflation Reduction Act is just the start of the contrast.
September 8, 2023
Musk’s Attack On The ADL Is His Latest Move To Distract From His Own Incompetence. Advertisers Shouldn’t Fall For It.
From Claire Atkin of Elon Musk's recent attack on the ADL is a desperate attempt to shift blame from his own incompetence in managing Twitter/X
September 7, 2023
An Accountable America Podcast
Defending American Values, with Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill
Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, a former Navy helicopter pilot and assistant U.S. Attorney, joins former Navy SEAL and VFRL President Dr. Dan Barkhuff along with Iraq veteran and historian Jason Belcher to discuss her military service and work as a federal prosecutor in defending American values.”
September 7, 2023
ZeroLine horizontal
A Year In Ukraine: A Perspective From The Front Line
On this episode of The ZeroLine, Sarah Ashton-Cirillio connects with executive editor of Resolute Square, Lisa Senecal. The two discuss the Russian invasion and its global implications as Sarah reflects on her last 19 months on the front lines in Ukraine.
September 7, 2023
The Rocket Sled
Too many still look at this 2024 race through a lens of history so gauzy that Kari Lake would be taken aback. This is not the old Republican Party.
September 6, 2023
Racist Proud Boys
The Proud Boys Will Continue to Mainstream Hate
"The Proud Boys have become a conduit for the infusion of extremist energies into American public life and the Republican party," writes Ruth Ben-Ghiat. And they're not going away.
September 6, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Sham Of The Republican Party
On this episode of The Enemies List, best-selling author and former GOP strategist, Stuart Stevens, joins Rick to expose the sham that is the Republican Party. For decades Stuart was behind the curtain helping elect governors, members of the US House and Senate, and presidents. He shares his cold, hard assessment of the demise of his former party and its rise as an authoritarian, anti-American force today.
September 6, 2023
Winning The Economic Argument
Loud and proud people. Joe Biden is a good President. The country is better off. Do your part in helping make this case, in whatever way is most comfortable to you.
September 6, 2023
Listening to the Lawyers: Evaluating Legal Opinions and Distinguishing Legal Opinions from Legal Facts
Teri Kanefield discusses the process of evaluating legal opinions, distinguishing them from legal facts and provides insights on the perjury accusations against Mark Meadows in a recent court case
September 6, 2023
That Trippi Show
You Don't Have To Outrun The Bear, You Just Have To Outrun The Rest of The Field
How do you win Iowa and New Hampshire? What candidates can learn from Gary Hart? Plus - does foreign policy really matter at this stage? And a few more questions answered in Joe's "lightning round."
September 1, 2023
The Truth About No Labels
Reed Galen: "A third-party ticket can’t win the Presidency. It has never before happened in American history. Despite their protestations that they don’t need to get to 50% + 1 of voters, just to say, 35%, there is no chance of this happening."
August 31, 2023
Gen Z Isn’t Hard To Find, Now Biden Must Reach Us
"On nearly every issue that young people say they care about, President Biden has delivered in some way," writes Victor Shi. So, how does Biden reach Gen Z in time for 2024?
August 31, 2023