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Brian Daitzman heads The Intellectualist. As a devoted student of history and politics for many years, he holds the conviction that history is prone to repetition when its lessons are ignored. The Intellectualist, a community committed to exploring the human experience, frequently shares insights on politics, science, the arts, and history.

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Part 2: Fox News - Money Over Everything
Brian Daitzman writes, "Amidst a global health crisis, Fox News, under the leadership of Suzanne Scott, demonstrated a marked indifference to the human toll caused by its dissemination of misleading information."
April 12, 2024
Part 1: The Story of Fox News: The Love of Money Over Everything Else
Brian Daitzman writes of FOX, "The network’s consistent propagation of divisive narratives and misinformation, particularly concerning election integrity and public health guidelines, exemplifies a business model that prioritizes profit margins over accurate reporting and ethical journalism."
April 11, 2024
Chronicle of Recklessness: Donald J. Trump and the Jeopardization of U.S. National Security
Brian Daitzman writes, "Trump is infamous for his spontaneous outbursts of sensitive information. His reckless disclosure of classified intelligence to Russian officials in 2017 starkly highlighted his disregard for the protocols safeguarding national security secrets. This incident, among others, showcased a pattern of behavior that risked compromising the operational security of U.S. intelligence efforts and the lives of those involved."
April 4, 2024
The Kremlin's Savage Willful Blindness
How does Putin benefit from a horrific terrorist event in Russia? Brian Daitzman examines the aftermath of the Moscow concert hall attack, Putin's dismissiveness of U.S warnings, and his history of using tragedy for personal gain.
March 28, 2024
Manafort’s Return: “A Grave Counterintelligence Risk”
What were Paul Manafort's connections with Russian interests during the 2016 election interference again? Discover why those connections matter & the potential implications of his possible reunion with the GOP & Trump at the 2024 Republican National Convention, as examined by Brian Daitzman.
March 21, 2024
MAGA: The Cult of Trump—A Dangerous Merger of Violence and Religious Zeal
Brian Daitzman examines the dangerous cult-like MAGA movement, its links to violence, and messianic adulation of Trump drawing parallels to Jim Jones and his doomed following.
March 14, 2024
Trump 2.0: Domestic Turmoil and Global Chaos
Brian Daitzman paints a vivid presidential portrait of America and the world in the unstable, dark grip of a second Trump term.
March 7, 2024