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Donald Trump Felony

Donald Trump is now a convicted felon in the United States.


  • The Black Republican Migration
    The Enemies List

    Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

    There is a shift taking place amongst black male voters in America. In today's episode, Rick speaks with Leah Wright Rigueur, assistant professor of public policy at the Kennedy School of Government and author of "The Loneliness of the Black Republican." They jump into the current state of the 2024 election, discussing the widespread frustration with the repeat matchup of 2020 candidates and the underlying racial dynamics influencing political behaviors. Leah offers insights into the slow migration of Black men to the Republican Party, the erosion of democratic principles, and the troubling rise of grievance politics. The conversation also touches on the potential implications of having a convicted felon on the presidential ballot and the ongoing struggle for true democratic accountability in the United States.
    June 26, 2024
  • "This Could Be A Blowout"
    That Trippi Show

    That Trippi Show

    Joe and Alex discuss the latest from the Sunshine State... why Florida might be closer than people realize. And what does that mean nationally? We zoom out and look at that new Fox News poll that has some VERY encouraging numbers under the hood. Turns out 34 felony convictions isn't actually a good thing... And what does Joe think President Biden has to do to win the debate next week? It all comes down to one word...
    June 21, 2024