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If you're looking for someone who actually knows how presidential and national politics works to explain what's going on in 30 minutes or less, this is the show for you. Joe Trippi is a longtime Democratic campaign manager who ran the progressive Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004 and the historic Doug Jones Senate campaign to defeat Roy Moore in 2017. He's seen it all and isn't bogged down by the viral tweets or hot takes du jour. He's looking past the headlines to answer the questions that matter: How do Democrats win key races moving forward?
That Trippi Show
"We're Entering Uncharted Waters As A Democracy" With Trygve Olson
Our friend Trygve Olson joins us to discuss a landmark new study -- one of the largest surveys in American political history, tracking extremism and polarization. How did we get here?
June 23, 2023
That Trippi Show
"We've Been The Luckiest People In The History Of The World" With Joe Klein
Is our democracy missing something? Joe Klein has an idea that might have been better for CNN than turning into the Trump News Network. Plus, how RFK Jr.'s Presidential run is the ultimate example of indulgence. And why history will look back on Joe Biden's presidency as one of the great ones.
June 16, 2023
That Trippi Show
"They Can't Get Their Party Back" with Celinda Lake
With all the new entrants into the 2024 GOP primary - does it really matter? Pollster and longtime Democratic strategist Celinda Lake joins Joe and Alex - and you won't be surprised at what her answer is. What might the conventional wisdom on swing voters be missing? And what three factors does Celinda see as defining the race?
June 9, 2023
That Trippi Show
No Trumpets Blaring Or Dancing In The Streets- Biden Just Gets It Done
Another big win for Joe Biden - a but it's a quiet one. Why he deserves another victory lap - and why he isn't showboating. Just how big a deal is... the deal? And why this might spell doom for Kevin McCarthy with the ultra-MAGA crowd, who are more into Trump's latest pledge to end birthright citizenship... (again).
June 2, 2023
That Trippi Show
The Ultra MAGA Hack Into Our Constitutional System
Our friend Mike Podhorzer joins Joe and Alex to talk 2024 and what's coming. Ron DeSantis had a horrendous campaign launch but clowning on him is missing the bigger threat. Mike also makes a really important point: Why is history repeating itself - and why ultra-MAGA tactics look a lot like Jim Crow.
May 26, 2023
That Trippi Show
The Rise Of Fascism With Bradley Whitford
Actor, producer, and activist Bradley Whitford joins Joe to talk about why he's using his platform to take on the rise of fascism in the GOP. Plus - how the Brady Campaign is taking on the gun violence epidemic in America.
May 19, 2023
That Trippi Show
Democracy Or Eyeballs? CNN Chose Eyeballs
CNN's got some explaining to do after airing a 90-minue Trump campaign rally and calling it a "town hall." Why was it a terrible night for everyone but Trump? And instead of piling on like everyone else, Joe explains what we really need to focus on.
May 12, 2023
That Trippi Show
Special Guest Episode: Donna Deegan
Donna Deegan is now the Mayor-elect of Jacksonville, FL! Joe talked with Donna before winning her race -- there are a ton of lessons to take from her campaign and how Donna and the Democrats flipped the script on traditional GOP narratives.
May 9, 2023
That Trippi Show
"A Fundamental Danger"
Who better to ask about the future of AI than the guy who's been pioneering tech on campaigns his entire career? Joe takes the first of many deep dives on what AI is going to do to our politics and 2024.
May 5, 2023
That Trippi Show
Reclaiming The "F Word"
This Week: Why Joe Biden's language is so important and what we can all take from it, how Democrats can take back one of the most powerful concepts in politics, and of course, what the media's getting wrong about covering Joe Biden.
April 28, 2023
That Trippi Show
There's Nothing Conservative About It
Joe and Alex dive into the Fox settlement and what can all of us do to keep the pressure on Fox? Why this version of MAGA is anything but conservative. Plus, why the "war on woke" might just about be over. And what HUGE point is the mainstream media missing with their debt ceiling coverage?
April 21, 2023
That Trippi Show
Demand Democracy Hearings In The Senate, Don't Sit, Demand It, With Thomas Edsall
Thomas Edsall joins Joe and Alex, to discuss his latest NY Times article about the GOP strategists carefully orchestrating how Republicans are expanding their use of government power.
April 14, 2023
That Trippi Show
MAGA Kryptonite
This week, Joe Trippi discusses the key takeaways from the elections in Wisconsin and Chicago, as well as the two major issues that will dominate 2024 and how they can be used to take down Trump.
April 7, 2023

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