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Legendary Democratic campaign manager Joe Trippi skips the hot takes, outrage of the day, and viral tweets and breaks down how presidential and national politics work in 30 minutes or less. From Howard Dean's that reimagined modern presidential campaigns to the historic Senate victory of Doug Jones Senate over Roy Moore, Joe hasn't just seen it all - he's been in the thick of it. That Trippi Show answer the question that matter: How do Democrats win key races moving forward and save American democracy?
Why Everyone's Missing Trump's Biggest Reason To Worry
Joe and Alex check in on a TON of really good economic numbers -- and why it's all good news for President Biden. When will voters come around on the economy? What's the Biden campaign doing to make sure they know? And why Joe thinks now is Trump's ceiling and Biden's floor.
December 15, 2023
"We're Trump Davidians" - Believe what Trumpland is telling you, with Jonathan Karl
ABC Chief Political Correspondent and author Jonathan Karl joins the show to discuss his new book, "Tired of Winning: Donald Trump and the end of the Grand Old Party." Do not miss the alarm Jon sounds about the state of our democracy and how the guardrails are fully off the Trump train. What revelations did he have straight from Steve Bannon and other Republicans close to Trump? Why Trump's campaign launch in Waco was no accident. And why when Trump spouts fascist rhetoric, we have to take him at his word. And why Trump is so different now than in 2016 or 2020.
December 8, 2023
From UFO Conspiracies to Alex Jones Lies To January 6th... With Garrett Graff
What happens when the government doesn't know something? Is it a cover up? Or just more conspiracy fodder? From one conspiracy to another - our friend Garrett Graff joins the show to talk about his new book UFO - and answers some pretty shocking questions. Why there's a direct line between UFO conspiracies and January 6th - what's behind that? What's the real scandal behind the government and UFOs? Hint: It's not bodies covered up in Area 51. How all this could really be transformational.
November 27, 2023
"Gotta get louder than the liars" with Brian Stelter
Longtime "Reliable Sources" host and author Brian Stelter joins the show with a sneak preview of his new book "Network of Lies" - and you guessed it - it's all about FOX's descent into a propaganda machine. The inside info Brian finds has to be read to be believed. Does Fox's former chief propagandist believe his own rhetoric? Why Brian thinks Tucker has talked himself into it. And behind-the-scenes after Joe Biden's win in 2020 at FOX -- why everyone was whispering the truth while shouting the lie.
November 17, 2023
So Much Winning! (Unless You're Glenn Youngkin)
Joe and Alex recap a big week for Democrats - and for Joe Biden. Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky all make it clear: when voters see MAGA coming for their rights... it doesn't turn out very well for MAGA. Pour one out for Glenn Youngkin's presidential aspirations. Why Joe sees big things for Andy Beshear. Plus: Yeah, they do talk about *that* poll. And the latest debate -- and second place in Iowa is going to matter even more now.
November 10, 2023
"The hijacker is never really popular on the plane," with Stuart Stevens.
Friend and Resolute Square colleague Stuart Stevens joins the pod to talk about his new book: "The Conspiracy to End America." There are five elements at work when democracy slides into autocracy - and Stuart takes an eye-opening look at how all five are working in concert with today's MAGA GOP. What do he and Joe think their endgame is? This is a conversation you don't want to miss. Plus - with Iowa less than 75 days away - where do things stand in the GOP primary?
November 3, 2023
"Great, you got the brass ring, buddy, have fun with it"
Speaker watch 2023 (part infinity) is over. Why Joe thinks it might not be over... and how MAGA handed Democrats a huge gift with their Speaker pick. Trump and No Labels are happy with it - which is all you need to know. Why Dean Phillips is biting off more than he can chew. And new data that we all should be concerned about. 1/3 of GOP voters think violence is legitimate... why Joe is not surprised.
October 27, 2023
Trump's Legal Defense (And Jim Jordan's Speaker Bid)
Breaking news out of Georgia while Joe and Alex record this week's episode - Sidney Powell pled guilty in Fulton County. Why her plea is a big deal. And why Jim Jordan's masochism may not be over anytime soon. The latest in the ridiculous Speaker fight and whats going on with polling?
October 20, 2023
"Your Problem Is That You're Looking At This Rationally, Not As A Cult Member.'
The GOP is completely derelict in their duty to America, to democracy, and our allies like Israel. Joe gets into the clear contrast between Joe Biden's clear moral leadership and the dysfunction and chaos in the MAGA GOP. Why Joe isn't surprised at Trump's reaction to Israel - but also why he doesn't think it's going to matter with his base. What's going on with the race for Speaker of the House? Why Joe thinks we aren't going to see a resolution anytime soon. And what the coverage of House dysfunction is missing -- why this very much isn't the same on both sides.
October 13, 2023
That Trippi Show
"GOP surprised the face-eating leopards ate their faces"
Ding-dong! McCarthy's out! Joe and Alex take a break from laughing to point out just how unsurprising it is. The headlines should all talk about face-eating leopards... What's the fallout going to be short-term and going into 2024? Also, Joe makes a couple of bold predictions about the Trump civil trial - how does that all tie in with the House chaos? And new maps in Alabama are a great sign for equal representation in Congress and another potential seat pickup for Democrats. Plus, your usual check-in on the No Labels fallacy.
October 6, 2023
"Messy?" That's Very Generous...
We talk about this week's GOP debate as quickly as we can - and why we really don't need to talk about it. Joe wonders about how a campaign team could let their candidates walk into a mess like that - and what they're supposed to be doing about it. Joe's also not happy about the polls - but not about the numbers they show. What numbers do actually matter? And why voters break away from President Biden when given the No Labels option - and what we have to do about it.
September 29, 2023
That Trippi Show
A House Of Crazies And Muttering About Jumpsuits
Trump's telling the MAGA House to shut down the government to avoid his prosecution - and we hear that behind the scenes, he's picking out his prison wardrobe... And we don't really see a way out for the 18 Republicans in Biden-held seats. Is this the most dysfunctional GOP ever? And what is Joe seeing behind the scenes in New Hampshire that might help a Trump primary challenger? How far might the fight go?
September 22, 2023
That Trippi Show
"Sometimes, You Just Gotta Call Out Their BS"
They just can't help themselves. Why impeachment (not to mention another shutdown attempt) will backfire on MAGA in the places they need help the most. 18 House Republicans in Biden-won districts will not like where this is going... and why John Fetterman's exactly right to call 'em out.
September 15, 2023

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