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Legendary Democratic campaign manager Joe Trippi skips the hot takes, outrage of the day, and viral tweets and breaks down how presidential and national politics work in 30 minutes or less. From Howard Dean's that reimagined modern presidential campaigns to the historic Senate victory of Doug Jones Senate over Roy Moore, Joe hasn't just seen it all - he's been in the thick of it. That Trippi Show answers the question that matter: How do Democrats win key races moving forward and save American democracy?
"End The Noise, Get To Work, And Win"
The sky is not falling! Joe explains how Democrats can end the noise, get to work - and beat Donald Trump this fall. Hint: when 53% of undecided voters think you're a threat to democracy, it's not going to end well... And why the winning contrast keeps getting clearer. What can Democrats do to really hammer it home? And what new issue data (not head to head polls) points to even more growth for Democrats this fall?
July 12, 2024
Even After All This - Trump Is Going To Lose.
Joe and Alex discuss the fallout from last week's debate performance - and the fallout from one of the scariest Supreme Court rulings in recent memory. SCOTUS just sent a clear signal: this election matters even MORE now - so what does that mean for Democrats moving forward? Why Joe thinks that even though there are no easy answers - why Democrats can find optimism for the race in the fall and why yes, he'd still rather be us than them...
July 5, 2024
"Yeah, But Trump Is Not Going To Win The Presidency. He's That Bad."
Yes, we do talk about the debate. Yes, Alex watched steeplechase too. But where do both candidates go from here? Joe explains why - yes, President Biden struggled Thursday night - but why Trump didn't run away with the debate either. What's the biggest problem Joe Biden has to overcome? (Hint: it wasn't his performance.) And why does Joe think that regardless of tonight's results - Trump still won't be president? How Democrats should take heart in Joe Biden doing what's needed to beat Trump.
June 28, 2024
"This Could Be A Blowout"
Joe and Alex discuss the latest from the Sunshine State... why Florida might be closer than people realize. And what does that mean nationally? We zoom out and look at that new Fox News poll that has some VERY encouraging numbers under the hood. Turns out 34 felony convictions isn't actually a good thing... And what does Joe think President Biden has to do to win the debate next week? It all comes down to one word...
June 21, 2024
More Election Results! MAGA Should Be Very Worried...
Another big warning sign for Trump and MAGA after a massive underperformance in Ohio. Why Sherrod Brown has to be optimistic after a 20 point decline for Republicans... in Trump country, no less. How should Democrats message the Hunter Biden verdict? Joe thinks it's simpler than everyone is making it. And with more good news on the economy - will President Biden's performance start catching up to battleground Senate candidates? And Joe gets his crystal ball back out to answer a few listener questions.
June 14, 2024
D-Day. 34 Felony Counts. Talk About A Contrast!
Thursday marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day -- hear why Joe thinks the contrast between Trump and President Biden has never been clearer. And do not believe the media both-sidesing - being convicted of 34 felonies is very, very bad for Trump. Joe shoots down the fantasy that it actually *helps* him... and how should we all be campaigning about the verdict? And we check in on the rest of the campaign -- what new data is Joe looking at that shows Trump is toast?
June 7, 2024
No Freakouts Required, Democrats!
Has the damage already been done with Trump's criminal trial? Joe and Alex discuss just how bad a guilty verdict could be for Trump. What two matters signal big trouble if Trump is convicted (and even if he isn't)? Why the Biden campaign's guerilla tactics matter. And no, Joe isn't freaking out - and neither should Democrats about Joe Biden's chances. Yes, we have work to do. But Joe explains why he'd rather be us than them. Finally - can anything be done about the Supreme Court?
May 31, 2024
Turns Out, Trump's The Sucker- Joe Biden's Strategic Masterclass
Two candidates, two speeches -- why President Biden's Morehouse speech and Trump's NRA debacle sum up the contrast between the two. It's not just about what they're saying. Joe thinks there's a clear tactical difference that's going to hurt Trump in the long term. And that's not even getting into Trump putting out more Hitlerian video content or going after birth control. Plus - Joe explains how President Biden suckered Trump into agreeing to a debate - and why it plays right into Joe Biden's hands.
May 24, 2024
"Almost Everything Is Up For Grabs"
We spend a lot of time talking about the odds - and not enough time talking about the stakes for 2024. Mike Podhorzer joins Joe and Alex to discuss the long-term implications of the 2024 presidential race -- and how pervasive the Federalist Society's influence on our judiciary has been. What might the Supreme Court look like after another term of Trump in 2028? Bottom line: It's all on the line in 2024. Mike and Joe explain why we have to look at what's already happening in red states or in places where MAGA already controls the judiciary. So what do we do about it? How do we make our democracy better for more people?
May 17, 2024
"Put country over party and we beat Trump. That's it. That's the whole ballgame" - with Trygve Olson
Our friend Trygve Olson rejoins the show to talk about the latest in the race -- and some things under the hood that may surprise you. Where are President Biden and Trump weak right now? And what can they do about it? (Hint: Look at Joe Biden bringing jobs to Wisconsin where Trump failed bigly!) What to make of some really encouraging numbers coming out of Wisconsin - and why some of the under the hood data means Trump's got an even bigger hill to climb there. Where are the key voters President Biden needs to reach to win? Trygve breaks it all down in an episode you don't want to miss.
May 10, 2024
Rick Wilson Is In The House! How We're Going To Beat Trump...
Our friend Rick Wilson joins the show for his unique take on the keys to sending Trump back to his golden toilet in November. What are the 3 reasons why Rick is much more optimistic - and why we all should feel that way? And what is it about Trump Derangement Syndrome that just won't go away? When they tell you who they are, believe them -- and how Kristi Noem bragging about killing her dog is a symbol of a much grosser rot in MAGAworld. How do we make sure RFK Jr. doesn't spoil the election? And what will Rick and The Lincoln Project be doing to take the fight to Trump? Listen to Rick's pod, The Enemies List, wherever you get your podcasts. And check out Rick's Substack at
May 3, 2024
"Don't Fall For the Massive GOP Head Fake"
More than a week into the Sleepy Don election interference trial, are Trump's legal troubles finally catching up to him? Joe explains just how damaging they've been to Trump. And why you shouldn't be fooled by the new polls suggesting RFK Jr. hurts Trump more than President Biden. Joe explains why it's all a huge head fake -- why the money doesn't lie. Plus: What numbers from a key Pennsylvania district should have Team Trump very worried?
April 26, 2024
Burying MAGA Under A Fundraising Avalanche
There's a Democratic fundraising avalanche burying MAGA. Joe and Alex zoom out to answer the most common listener question from 2024.The massive momentum shift towards President Biden in almost every recent poll is no fluke -- why? And why MAGA's huge fundraising hole matters even more than people realize -- and why the Senate is back in play. What about the House? Has "MAGA Mike" really changed his tune -- and will it matter? And should President Biden debate Trump? Finally, Joe and Alex highlight a new leaked Kremlin document showing the depths of Russian election interference.
April 19, 2024

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