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Legendary Democratic campaign manager Joe Trippi skips the hot takes, outrage of the day, and viral tweets and breaks down how presidential and national politics work in 30 minutes or less. From Howard Dean's that reimagined modern presidential campaigns to the historic Senate victory of Doug Jones Senate over Roy Moore, Joe hasn't just seen it all - he's been in the thick of it. That Trippi Show answers the question that matter: How do Democrats win key races moving forward and save American democracy?
Steve Bannon's 100 Year Plan
What's behind the MAGA movement? On a special guest episode, Isaac Arnsdorf joins Joe and Alex to discuss his new book "Finish What We Started - The MAGA Movement's Ground War to End Democracy." Why Steve Bannon's rhetoric isn't just bluster. The depth of the psychological underpinnings of MAGA go way beyond any one issue. And how do we fight back? Hear why Isaac thinks turning Bannon's model around on MAGA may be our way out of this mess. Read the book now:
April 16, 2024
Trump's "Sledgehammer" Problem
One spoiler down, another to go. No Labels is out of the Presidential fight - but Joe gets into why Trumpland is feeling good about RFK Jr. - including funneling $20m from a top donor his way. How is the media still missing the point about all these spoilers? Plus - can Trump actually talk his way out of his big abortion problem? Joe explains why the problem runs much, much deeper than most realize. And why the GOP is all in, sledgehammer or not.
April 12, 2024
"The Must Read Of The Decade" - Exposing Trump's 2025 Takeover Blueprint
Joe and Alex discuss a bombshell New York Times piece from our friend Tom Edsall on just how deep the Trump dark money apparatus goes -- over 100 groups, $2 billion in funding... and very little of it out in the open. Why Project 2025 is a blueprint for turning America into a pro-Trump authoritarian state. What are we supposed to do about it? Then, Joe and Alex explain why right-wing pollsters have the media trapped in a false polling narrative -- why is the mainstream media so obsessed with pro-Trump polling?
April 5, 2024
The "Lost Middle" With Scott Klug
Joe and Alex are joined by former Congressman Scott Klug, host of the "Lost in the Middle" podcast. Scott's exploring the stories of Americans who are "lost" in the polarization today -- how does he see the fever breaking? What are the solutions he's found from Americans' stories? And we can't let him go without a Wisconsin preview - how does Scott see the state playing out in 2024?
April 2, 2024
This Isn't Going To End Well For Trump And MAGA
More positive momentum for Joe Biden this week in battleground states - Joe and Alex get into the numbers that really matter. And why the Alabama special election victory this week is a sign of things to come for Democrats. Does Trump's wild week really matter long-term? Joe thinks it does. And why making fun of Trump is so effective beyond just clicks on social media. What happened with NBC and Ronna McDaniel? And yes, Democrats can win the Senate.
March 29, 2024
Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago? Trump Isn't Gonna Like The Answer.
Joe and Alex answer Trump's insane question - and the answer is yes, we sure are. Joe takes a look at North Carolina again - and why another statewide MAGA candidate is putting the state even more in play for President Biden. What's the mystery state Joe thinks Trump should worry about? And why Ohio Republicans just gave Senate Democrats a huge gift. And what about places like Texas? Where can Democrats go on offense?
March 22, 2024
"The Dumbest Veepstakes Of All Time" And It Isn't Even Trump!
Joe and Alex discuss yet another fiasco for the MAGA House GOP. How Democrats were able to turn the Hur hearing against the Republicans in their own hearing - and what it means long term. No wonder another GOP congressman is retiring. What's 50-60% of 2.9 million anti-Trump Republican votes? No wonder Joe thinks Trump's screwed. By the time you read this paragraph, Trump will have owed at least another thirty bucks of interest... And of course, the veepstakes we can't even believe we're discussing.
March 15, 2024
The Hidden "Loud And Strong" Vote To Stop Trump Coming This November
With Super Tuesday in the books, why Joe and Alex agree... with Karl Rove? It turns out that calling your primary opponent's voters "communists" might not be a winning strategy. Why haven't the polls matched anywhere near the election results so far? Joe digs into it. And, yeah, you're going to see plenty of negative ads for the next eight months. "Those who have voted uncommitted will come out loud and strong to stop Trump"
March 8, 2024
Why The Math Just Doesn't Work For Trump
Another primary in the books -- why does Joe think the math in Michigan heavily favors Joe Biden? And why Trump nuking GOP early voting might turn out disastrously for him this year. Turns out that No Labels "isn't in it to win it" (their words) after all. Shocker! And what does a Republican Senate look like without Mitch McConnell? Hint: Trumpier and Trumpier.
March 1, 2024
That Trippi Show
The Trump Scam Finally Catches Up To Him
Turns out when most of your money is going to pay legal fees, people don't like to donate to your campaign. Joe gets into why Republicans have a huge hard money problem right now. Plus who's his pick in the Trump veepstakes? And why Alexei Navalny's final words are a lesson to everyone in the pro-democracy movement.
February 23, 2024
War, Music, And Trippi's Covert Negotiations
In a special guest episode, author and screenwriter Bill Carter joins Joe and Alex to discuss his new movie "Kiss the Future" - a powerful story about the siege of Sarajevo and the role art (including U2) can play in a violent conflict. Joe and Bill discuss their mutual connection to Bosnia - including Joe's powerful experience there. Bill shares the inside story behind the film and what we can all learn from it. Watch at AMC: Pre-order Bill's book, "Fools Rush In":
February 20, 2024
MAGA's Taylor Swift Psyop?
Another huge win for Democrats this week in NY-03... so why is the media saying, and this is an actual headline, "Democrats' Joe Biden Problem Got Worse With Special Election Win?" Joe and Alex get into why Democrats should feel very good after Tuesday's results... and why MAGA's digging themselves even deeper. Why does history suggest Joe Biden is in the driver's seat this fall? And yes, more of your neighbors than you realize probably believe in the Taylor Swift psyop. No, really.
February 16, 2024
We're Going To Kick Trump's Ass This Year
Despite the special counsel report last week, Simon Rosenberg still believes in a bigger win for Joe Biden in 2024 than in 2020, and he has four ideas to support his viewpoint. Discover why nothing Trump does should surprise us anymore, especially after attempting to overturn an election with foreign help. Also, hear Joe's take on the RFK Super Bowl ad and how it reveals cracks in the foundation of the Republican Party.
February 13, 2024

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