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The Enemies List

Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

Published:July 3, 2024
The front lines in the fight for our democracy is taking place at the state level with a battle for the integrity of a system on the brink. In this episode Rick welcomes Jena Griswold, the Secretary of State of Colorado, for an in-depth discussion about the current state of democracy in the United States. They explore the challenges and successes of election security, the rise of election denialism, and the impact of disinformation and deep fakes on the electoral process. Jena shares insights from her experience in overseeing Colorado's elections, highlighting the importance of maintaining a secure and accessible voting system. She also discusses the ongoing efforts to hold bad actors accountable and the resilience of the American people in defending democratic values.

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  • The Gracious Loser
    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    The Lincoln Project Podcast

    Francis Barry discusses his book "Backroads and Better Angels: A Journey into the Heart of American Democracy" and his cross-country road trip to explore the values that hold America together. He shares stories of meeting people from different backgrounds and political beliefs, highlighting the frustration and division that exists in the country. Despite the challenges, Barry finds hope in the resilience and faith in the country's values that he encounters along the way. He emphasizes the importance of listening, open-mindedness, and prioritizing relationships over politics in order to bridge the divides in America. Follow Francis Barry at @FSBarry on X, read more of his writing at, and purchase his new book, "Back Roads and Better Angels: A Journey Into the Heart of American Democracy" at fine bookstores everywhere.
    June 27, 2024
  • "Briefcases Full of Cash, Libyans, Guns, and Drugs"
    The Enemies List

    Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

    What happens when your PR job is to represent clients including Gaddafi, Assad, and the government of Qatar? Well, for one thing, a great many wild stories. In this episode, Rick welcomes Phil Elwood, the author of "All the Worst Humans: How I Made News for Dictators, Tycoons, and Politicians." Phil shares astonishing tales from his career in public affairs, detailing his work with notorious figures such as the Gaddafi family and Assad, and so many more. From orchestrating media strategies in high-stakes environments to confronting his own moral dilemmas, Phil's journey is both fascinating and eye-opening. Phil's book, "All the Worst Humans: How I Made News for Dictators, Tycoons, and Politicians," available now.
    June 24, 2024
  • John Avalon's Common Sense Campaign for New York
    In this episode, host Rick Wilson and CNN Pundit and former Daily Beast editor John Avlon discuss John's campaign as a common sense Democrat in New York's first district, the frustrations around affordability, the need to rebuild the middle class, and the importance of reaching out to Republicans. John also emphasizes the stakes of the race and the need for a broad patriotic coalition to defend American democracy. Follow John Avlon at @JohnAvlon on X and support his campaign at
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