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Trygve Olson is the founder of Viking Strategies LLC, which provides clients worldwide with customized sovereign political risk and public affairs solutions. Mr. Olson focuses his work on developing understanding, devising strategies, and implementing cutting-edge networks and tactics to impact high-level perceptions and ultimate outcomes.

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CPAC & The Night of Long Knives
Strategy Session

Strategy Session

With CPAC in the rearview mirror, it's clear that the GOP is pushing purity onto the party. We know where this leads because we've seen it happen before. The threat is existential. Reed Galen, Joe Trippi, Trygve Olson, and Stuart Stevens discuss why the absurdity of CPAC isn't all that funny. Tuesday, March 7, 7p ET.
March 8, 2023
McCarthy and Trump pointing
The Zero Sum Game Of Political Power
Time and again, we’ve witnessed McCarthy enable and appease Trump. McCarthy understands, even if Republicans want to pretend otherwise, that Trump remains the ultimate powerbroker in the GOP.
January 12, 2023
McCarthy and Trump
The Seriousness of Unseriousness
Having unserious people in elected office who only want the title but not the job of working for the American people is a serious problem, explains Trygve Olson.
December 13, 2022
That Trippi Show
"It will be hand-to-hand combat"
That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Another wild week in the GOP may have far-reaching consequences beyond just the hand-to-hand combat for speaker. Joe and Alex welcome back Trygve Olson to discuss why "don't negotiate with terrorists" may not apply to Kevin McCarthy, who may be the first hostage elected Speaker of the House in history (if he even makes it that far). And why the whole Trump-Fuentes-Ye fiasco might have bigger negative implications for voters than the larger media narrative assumes. Plus: Why we may have a bigger opportunity to drive people off of Trump and Trumpists coming into 2024. And why Joe actually quoted Newt Gingrich... praising Biden? Read Isaac Chotiner's piece in the New Yorker here:
December 2, 2022
Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign
GOP's Trump Problem Isn't What They Think
Warning from Trygve Olson: Trump thinks and acts like an autocrat and still has the power structure to become one.
November 29, 2022
Unite the Right March, Charlottesville, NC
The Game We're In
Candidates accepting election losses – and the willingness of their supporters to consent to be governed - determines the fate of the Great American Experiment of Democracy.
November 22, 2022