Resolute Square

Why We Need Resolute Square Now

It's not enough to defeat them at the ballot box. It's time to take on their puppet masters - the MAGA media overlords.
Published:November 14, 2022

In 2020, The Lincoln Project launched to fight Trump and Trumpism. Millions of American patriots joined together to make The Lincoln Project the most effective SuperPac in political history. Of the over $3 billion spent in 2020 campaigns, it was only The Lincoln Project that was so uniquely dangerous to Donald Trump that he tried to have his Attorney General shut it down.

But defeating Donald Trump is not enough. Today the MAGA Republican Party has morphed into a sweeping authoritarian crusade. Don’t let the buffoonish characters fool you – it is a dedicated, serious movement housed in the Republican party, funded by billionaire plutocrats, staffed by dangerous men and women, and amplified by the radical right-wing media ecosystem led by Fox News. They are confident, patient, and committed to breaking American democracy.

And their propaganda machine is growing. Every hour of every day, dozens of radical, right-wing media outlets pump poison into the democratic bloodstream. They thrive on conspiracy, incite hatred, promote violence, spread lies, and tear down America. It is not enough to defeat their hateful candidates; to save the America we love, we must rise up and fight the evil MAGA media with the ferocity it took to defeat Donald Trump.

Traditional media has failed the moment. This is not the time to tell both sides of a lie. We can’t win this war hoping existing media will suddenly learn how to fight. It will never happen, and each day the power of right-wing media grows, a viper wrapping itself around the good heart of America.

This is why some of us from The Lincoln Project have launched a new organization with one mission: fight Fox News and its hateful spawn.

Resolute Square is built by warriors to go to war. It will be your voice to take on bullies, liars, and freaks like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro. The MAGA media have convinced themselves they are too powerful to be challenged. We remember when a guy named Donald Trump did the same. You helped prove him wrong. Now it’s time once again to speak truth to power.

Resolute Square is not a billionaire’s vanity project. There are no Corporate Over Lords. We are free to fight with whatever it takes to win for democracy. And we know how to win.

But we need your help. We need you to join us in the fight at Resolute Square. Help us build the weapon to blow up the MAGA Media Death Star. We start small, but we are fearless and fiercely determined. With every American who joins Resolute Square, we grow stronger.

This is what we all know: there are more of us than there are of them. We are right, and they are wrong. We will build this together.

For too many years, we have stared at our screens filled with the lies of Fox News and its detestable imitators in disgust and rage. This is our chance to turn the tables. It’s time we made the other side stare at their screens, asking, “Who the hell do they think they are?” while we dismantle their palace of lies one gold brick by gold brick.

We can do this. We must do this. Together.

The battle begins at Resolute Square.

Stu Stevens , Rick Wilson , Joe Trippi , Reed Galen




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