• The Perennial Problem of Demagogues
    "The demagogue gains power by democratic means, claiming to be a champion of ‘the people’ and making wild promises...Anyone who opposes the demagogue is labeled an ‘enemy of the people’ and exiled or killed," writes Teri Kanefield.
    February 22, 2024
  • War, Music, And Trippi's Covert Negotiations
    That Trippi Show

    That Trippi Show

    In a special guest episode, author and screenwriter Bill Carter joins Joe and Alex to discuss his new movie "Kiss the Future" - a powerful story about the siege of Sarajevo and the role art (including U2) can play in a violent conflict. Joe and Bill discuss their mutual connection to Bosnia - including Joe's powerful experience there. Bill shares the inside story behind the film and what we can all learn from it. Watch at AMC: https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/kiss-the-future-76053 Pre-order Bill's book, "Fools Rush In": https://amzn.to/3UGUm95
    February 20, 2024
  • Ethics Meltdown At the Highest Level
    In the midst of a "descent away from the rule of law," Ohio faces a troubling new ethics meltdown of significant proportions. David Pepper uncovers the alarming issues plaguing the Buckeye state and asks: When will the tipping point will be reached?
    February 8, 2024
  • Sneak Attack on Direct Democracy
    David Pepper highlights a troubling proposal in Missouri that undermines majority rule through gerrymandering-influenced thresholds for a Constitutional Amendment. Protecting democracy requires united efforts.
    February 1, 2024
  • The Anti-Democratic Opposition
    Teri Kanefield dives into the nature of the anti-democratic opposition, exploring political psychology and its impact on democracy. She highlights the challenge of eliminating this opposition and emphasizes the importance of neutral rules to protect free speech and criticism.
    February 1, 2024