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Ohio's New Discriminatory Voter ID Law: What You Can Do

Published:April 6, 2023

*Published with the generous permission of David Pepper. Read and watch more of his work here.

By David Pepper

More than 900,000 Ohioans are impacted. Disproportionately Black & young voters. But from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, you wouldn’t know anything had changed What does that mean? That it’s on ALL OF US to step up regarding new Voter ID restrictions.

What can you do? So much. We need every Ohio city, county, non-profit, and school that cares about their constituents to become a voter ID hub, providing access to the voter ID application process that Ohioans now need to undertake to vote. Become one of those hubs ASAP!

Make sure those you serve know about the new requirements. Then help them navigate the process of applying for an Ohio ID. A national organization called VoteRiders is now In Ohio and wants to partner w you to provide access to the required IDs.

So whether you’re a school, a nonprofit, a city or county leader, etc., please partner with VoteRiders to get started. The voices of those you serve should not be silenced. Black voters and young voters are the most at risk. Or email VoteRiders at

And if you're an Ohio resident and want to begin the process of getting an ID yourself, you can call or text 866.ID.2.VOTE or go here to start the process.

The state of Ohio is being awfully quiet about the new requirements. I think we know why. Which means the rest of us need to make some noise. Remember, this is nonpartisan work. Whatever organizations you are part of that can help, please do.