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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

American democracy is being threatened, and Rick Wilson knows exactly who is responsible. Twice weekly, he calls out those who are the enemies of democracy and exposes their treachery - because sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Danger Of Idiocracy
Idiocracy has become the chosen method to the GOP's madness. Tom Nichols joins Rick to discuss what is happening with education in Florida and some of the other crazy ideas being introduced by the GOP.
February 13, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
GOP's Relationship With Whacky
To many, it seems the GOP has gone off the deep end. Mother Jones' DC Bureau Chief, David Corn, argues the escalation to crazy has been happening for many years and brings the receipts. And, Rick looks to his home state of Florida for this episode's addition to The Enemies List.
February 8, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
It's Going To Be A Grim Two Years
Rumors and scenarios are swirling about the 2024 GOP primary. Charles Sykes joins Rick to talk about how ugly this race could become. From Trump running to how well Ron Desantis can take a punch, Rick and Charles cover a lot of ground.
February 6, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Russian Media Propaganda Machine
Russian media is propaganda. Full stop. Russia expert Julia Davis created and operates the Russian Media Monitor and joins Rick to discuss Russian media's Ukraine invasion propaganda and Russia's meddling in the US Elections. And Rick has a very heartfelt message for this episode's entry on The Enemies List.
February 1, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Powerful
Former Fed. Prosecutor Elie Honig joins Rick to talk about investigations into Trump, Biden and just about everything else in DC right now. They also discuss the big DOJ decisions coming, and Honig's new book, "Untouchable: How Powerful People Get Away With It." And hear Rick at his finest slamming the latest name onto the Enemies List.
January 30, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
Democratic Defense And The 2024 Election
Democrats are looking to regain control of the House in 2024, but redistricting is just one of the obstacles they face in not only gaining seats but defending those they have. Cook Political Report Editor-In-Chief Amy Walter speaks with Rick about what the mid-terms taught us and what she sees for the 2024 election. And Rick blasts his latest addition to the Enemies List. Find out who.
January 25, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
One Year Later For The Amazing Ukraine
Putin's criminal invasion of Ukraine started nearly a year ago. Guest Alex Vindman talks with Rick about Ukraine's defiance and status, how they've surprised Russia, and what they need to continue defending their country and democracy. And Rick puts a permanent entry on the Enemies List. Listen to find out who.
January 23, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Assassination That Wasn't
An assassination plot against Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill was foiled during WWII. The multi-talented Brad Meltzer joins Rick to talk about it and his new book, The Nazi Conspiracy. It's riveting! And what does a gas stove have to do with Rick's Enemies List? Listen to find out.
January 18, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
Not Left Or Right But Forward
From inside the Trump Administration, this episode's guest, Miles Taylor, worked to oppose Trump. He joins Rick to discuss the political party he along with several politicians started after Taylor left Trump-world. Can a third party advocating for practical and common sense solutions chart a non-partisan path forward? And Rick adds another group to The Enemies List. Listen to find out who.
January 16, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
An Insider's Look At Rudy Giuliani
From the Mayor of New York City during a time of crisis to being counsel to former President Trump, Rudy Giuliani went from king of the mountain to falling off a cliff. Former Giuliani staffer and Executive Producer of CNN's Giuliani: What Happened To America's Mayor, Ken Frydman joins Rick, himself a former staffer, to discuss Giuliani's first attempt to become mayor to where he is today. Along with the stories, Rick has a stern warning for this episodes entry on the enemies list. Listen to hear Rick go off.
January 13, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
Divided or Dysfunctional Government
The effects of Kevin McCarthy being elected as Speaker of the House will have far-reaching ramifications. This is one of the many topics Rick covers with his guest, CNN Senior Political Analyst and anchor John Avlon. They also discuss the role of the media in covering politics today and touch on their former boss, Rudy Giuliani. And Rick has a double entry on this episode's Enemies List. Listen to find out who is the lucky pair.
January 11, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
The Humiliation Of Kevin McCarthy
Rick Wilson drops a mini pod and explains why, whether Kevin McCarthy wins or loses the House vote for Speaker Of The House, he loses.
January 3, 2023
Rick Wilson's Enemies List
MAGA Media Weaponizing Murder
When Seth Rich was murdered in Washington, D.C. in 2016, many right-wing conspiracies popped up saying he had something to do with leaked DNC emails. In his new book, Death on W Street, Andy Kroll debunks the conspiracy theories about Rich's death. Kroll joins Rick on this episode to help show how the MAGA media will do anything they can to succeed, even if it means making stuff up. And Rick's entry onto The Enemies List in this episode is an interesting one. Listen to find out who Rick is targeting for the list.
December 23, 2022

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