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We're Back! Ohio '22, Filibuster, Operation 147

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:March 19, 2021
Good news: we're back. Insane news: 2022 campaign season is underway. We'll be looking ahead to key races, starting today with one of 2022's most intriguing Senate races: Ohio. Rob Portman is retiring, and Joe thinks there may be an opportunity in Ohio for the Democrats while Republicans fight over the direction of the party. Then, Joe updates us about his new project targeting the GOP representatives who voted against the certification of the 2020 election. See the bottom of the show notes for a starter list of some of the reps we are hoping to compete against. Finally, a look at the fight going on about the filibuster -- what can the Biden administration do with a Republican caucus that seems only to be interested in obstruction? Here is a list of a few early targets for Operation 147: MIKE GARCIA -- CA-25 LAUREN BOEBERT -- CO-3 CARLOS GIMINEZ -- FL-26 MICHELLE FISCHBACK -- MN-7 MADISON CAWTHORN -- NC-11 NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS -- NY-11 STEPHANIE BICE -- OK-5 BURGESS OWENS -- UT-4 JIM HAGEDORN -- MN-1 DAVE SCHWEIKERT -- AZ-6 RICHARD HUDSON -- NC-8 SCOTT PERRY -- PA-10 BOB GOOD -- VA-5 DARRYL ISSA -- CA50 LEE ZELDEN  -- NY-1 TOM TIFFANY -- WI-7 ANDY BIGGS -- AZ-5 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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