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Debate Reactions and 2 Million Votes Are In

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:October 2, 2020
(Note: this episode was taped prior to the President announced he had tested positive for COVID.) Joe and Alex agree: the debates were a mess, but the result is ultimately good for Biden. The Trump team seems to be aware they're losing, so how bad could this get? Then, a reminder that the election has already started (gulp). Over 2 million votes have already been cast, some in pivotal states like Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. What are the numbers suggesting about who is voting and why? Lastly, Joe has been predicting a 1980-esque result -- the trouncing of an unpopular incumbent -- for months. What if that happens? Where do Republicans (and Democrats) go from there? Our listener question this week asks why none of us saw the country going in the direction it has. But some did. Please leave us a question in the reviews on Apple Podcasts -- give us five stars if you're there! -- or submit one via email to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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