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Is All Our Anxiety Warranted? Harrison Ties Graham, Bloomberg's $$

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:September 18, 2020
First, big news out of South Carolina where Jamie Harrison and incumbent Lindsey Graham (R) are tied in a tight Senate race. Meanwhile, challenger Sara Gideon is up big against longtime Senator Susan Collins (R) in Maine. What does this tell us about these races and the race for president? Next, Mayor Bloomberg is firing $100 million into Florida, and his public announcement is a signal. What does Joe make of the move and what happens from here? Meanwhile, why are Pence and Trump talking about Minnesota when the Democrats are pulling ahead in Arizona? Then, Joe answers a question we're all too scared to ask... what if Biden is actually winning this thing? Do we need to be as anxious as we all undoubtedly are? Is there a historical precedent for this crazy election? Finally, a listener question about door-knocking in a pandemic. Listen to Joe on Hacks on Tap: Read Al Hunt on The Hill re: Democratic Handwringing: New Republic article by Walter Shapiro read by Alex: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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