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That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:December 10, 2021
First, Alex and Joe talk how important Joe Biden's Democracy Summit this week is going to be. With autocracy on the rise worldwide, we have to sound the alarm and get to work. Then, what's up with the latest round of poll numbers? Joe points out what's noise and what really matters (hint, it's mostly noise.) Finally, what's going on in Georgia? Brian Kemp is being challenged by someone to the right. And the Republican grift machine is much, much worse than you realize. Show Notes: Anne Applebaum - The Bad Guys Are Winning Barton Gelman - The Election That Could Break America Amanda Marcotte - Destroying Democracy Can Make You Very Rich Judd Legum - Trump's new media company is a $1.6 billion mirage Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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