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GOP Clown Car Rides Along, Trump '24 Doubts, McConaughey for Gov?

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:May 21, 2021
Joe and Alex have had it with today's GOP, which refuses to investigate the attack on themselves Jan. 6, while continuing audits in states around the country, insisting the election was stolen. It's quite a statement when the most serious politician we discuss on today's show may be Matthew McConaughey. Then, a new poll shows Trump leading all '24 candidates by a huge margin -- but he's only getting 48% of Republican support. Joe wonders why a former president getting less than 50% of his own party is viewed as so dominant, and thinks he may not be as strong as we think. Finally, why Joe is for Matthew McConaughey running for Governor of Texas, no matter what he runs as. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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