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One. More. Week. Impeachment, DNC, and Biden's First Moves

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:January 15, 2021
What a ridiculous month. Joe and Alex are here to help you make sense of it all. First, the House has impeached the president for a second time, but the trial likely won't begin until Pres. Biden (that looks nice) is in office. What are the endgames for McConnell and the Republicans, and how does Biden want this to go? Then, Joe has said for years Trump would never truly go away. Well... what about now? This time next week, he'll be a disgraced former president without the ability to tweet. How does he maintain a hold on half the country -- or does he? Then, Jaime Harrison is expected to lead the DNC. What does this mean for the Democrats, a party that often is too concerned with winning federal elections and not the local, state-level ones that Republicans have wisely focused on for decades? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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