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Governors' Races, Senate Optimism, Census Implications, Listener Questions

That Trippi Show

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Published:August 13, 2021
First, a look at some races that are flying under the radar -- governor's races. Governors of course have a massive impact on local politics -- just look at Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott -- but they also have a critical role in certifying elections. DeSantis (Florida), Evers (Wisconsin), and Georgia (Kemp) are all up in 2022 -- Joe wants to make sure Democrats are focused on these elections too (in addition to holding the House and Senate). Thanks to Jennifer Rubin, whose Washington Post op-ed got us thinking about this. Then, despite the trends for midterm elections historically, Joe is optimistic about the Senate map in 2022. There are vulnerable Republicans across the country and several high-profile retirements. Joe and Alex dive in to the key races and the places in which Democrats are actually on the offensive, and one very important swing race. Lastly, we address some listener questions (keep sending them to, including one about why Joe is willing to join Republicans at The Lincoln Project given the damage done by their party to the political system. CNN piece on the Senate: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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