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Stuart Stevens: How GOP Got Here, Red Mirage, Wisconsin

That Trippi Show

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Published:September 4, 2020
Today Joe and Alex are joined by Stuart Stevens, author of It Was All A Lie: How The Republican Party Became Donald Trump. He was the lead strategist for Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign for President, and is currently a member of the Lincoln Project. Joe and Stuart met during simpler times (summer '16), and they start by trying to figure out how we got here from there. First, they talk about the state of the GOP, which Stevens calls a collapse unparalleled in American history. He has some very strong words for those in the party who continue to enable Donald Trump, and some insight into what Republicans close to the President say behind the scenes, including those at The Lincoln Project. Next, Stevens wrote a Washington Post op-ed this week arguing Biden will win Wisconsin despite the President pushing for it in recent weeks. Are we buying Republican enthusiasm about the Midwest? Then, we all saw the speculation of a "Red Mirage" where Trump claims victory on Election Night before all of the mail-in ballots are counted. Stuart thinks that scenario is, well, quaint. How the hell do we stop it? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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