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Steve Schmidt, Joe Joins Lincoln Project, Beating Corporations, '22 Blueprint

That Trippi Show

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Published:July 9, 2021
Joe announced this week that he'll be joining the Lincoln Project to help elect Democrats to fight the autocratic movement on the right. Steve Schmidt returns to talk to Joe about the cause and how if Democrats don't defeat Republicans, "we lose the country." He explains why the media, corporations and the public at large don't understand the stakes of allowing power to return to authoritarians. Joe and Steve talk next about the plans for The Lincoln Project and anti-authoritarianism in America in general. They name two huge companies that are still writing checks to pro-insurrectionists, and their plans to foment rebellion among employees. Plus: How do you defeat a movement that believes they're living in an occupied country with an illegitimate president? Do we really have to win decades of elections just to withstand authoritarianism? Read Joe's editorial in USA Today about why he's joining The Lincoln Project here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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