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Woodward Reaction, Trump's "Death Star" Explodes, FL Anxiety

That Trippi Show

That Trippi Show

Published:September 11, 2020
Joe and Alex start with -- what else? -- the damning quotes from the President to Bob Woodward proving he knew how dangerous COVID-19 was. How should the Biden campaign use it? How can it impact the undecided voters across the country? Is Trump's support slipping -- and does Woodward's reporting accelerate that slide, or does it not move the needle? Next, a poll this week showing demographic weakness with Latino support in Florida had Democrats panicking. Is this as alarming as it liberal Twitter thought it was? Does Joe see a silver lining in this very poll? Then, the Trump campaign is reportedly running out of money, despite raising $1 billion. And, worst of all, they're still losing by 10 points and Biden raised $365 million last month. Joe breaks down what's next for the Trump campaign, and why another $2 billion may not matter unless something changes. Plus, Donald Trump has reportedly skipped debate prep - how could that factor into the closing stretches of the race? Finally, Alex asks a question about Facebook's odd new political ad policy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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