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Ukraine at Two Years: What Leadership Truly Means
Published:February 26, 2024


On a train ride back from Odesa, a trip where I bore witness to 36 Shahid Drones launched against the city by Russian terrorists, a text came through. I would be met at the Kyiv Central Station and brought to speak with “a General.” The text shared neither the General’s name nor the topic. Within 24 hours of this initial contact, Major General Vladyslav Klockhov decided to transfer me to the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s General Staff’s Main Directorate for Moral and Psychological Support.
During my three months of service in the Directorate, where I served as an advisor to the Major General, I was privileged to witness a man who epitomized the term “scholar-warrior.” In listening to him and learning from him the lessons from General Klochkov’s command of Ukraine’s ferocious 93rd Mechanized Brigade, his work as a Co-Director of the Ukrainian-NATO field exercises known as “Rapid Trident,” and then his work helming one of the Armed Forces most important directorates, I finally appreciated what leadership truly meant.
The General’s message of combat resilience, troop health, and the need for a proactive approach to the military’s psycho-social needs gained an audience from Brussels to London and across to Washington D.C. During the last two years of Ukraine’s fight for liberty and liberation against the Russian invaders, General Klochkov has studied every aspect of the AFU’s One Million Person strong defense force. He has also published numerous works on his findings with ground-breaking outcomes and a clear path to what a modern military needs for its troops to succeed.
Now, in honor of the Ukrainian people’s commitment to democracy and General Klochkov’s desire to ensure freedom for all, I’m proud to introduce his latest book in English exclusively to the Resolute Square audience for the next two weeks.
Titled 500 Days of War, it is a clear and in-depth read, with complete illustrations of maps and photos, showing the support given to Ukrainian troops in the areas of moral and psychological support from February 24th, 2022, until July 8th, 2023.
Enjoy the read, and feel free to connect with General Klochkov on Linkedin to send him your thoughts on his work or just to say hi.
Slava Ukraini,
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, JSGT-Armed Forces of Ukraine


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