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A Reminder Of Why They Must Not Win

Simon Rosenberg weighs in on Biden's meeting with Xi, the ZERO-inflation last month, abortion access and the GOP's continued miscalculations, treason and mass deportation.
Published:November 15, 2023

*Published with the generous permission of Simon Rosenberg. Read more of his important work on his Hopium substack.

By Simon Rosenberg

On Tuesday night, once again, the Democrats bailed out House Republicans and helped pass a continuing resolution (CR) which carries over last year’s budget through early next year. To be clear about what this process means - for at least the first four months of this new fiscal year which began on October 1st, the government is required to use last year’s budgets and plans to guide this year’s activities. While this CR was necessary to avoid disaster, that this stop-gap measures goes so far into next year and does not include Ukraine funding is yet another sign of just how dysfunctional and reckless the House GOP has become. The GOP wrecking ball continues to wreck havoc on the Congress and the country.

Meanwhile, the APEC summit kicks into high gear today in San Francisco with a meeting between President Xi of China and President Biden. This is President Xi’s first visit to the US since 2017. Important days ahead for America and the world.

As I sit to write this morning, still thinking about these five stories we’ve been discussing of late:

2023 Has Been A Very Good Year for Democrats - not done with this one yet. Congratulations all. Leaves me very optimistic about 2024.
Inflation Was Zero Last Month - to repeat, inflation was zero last month, prices didn’t rise at all, wage growth remains strong, and groceries have only increased by 2.1% over the past year. More signs that we are getting to the other side my friends. More work to do, but congratulations all. This is a big moment in our recovery from the global shocks of COVID and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are getting to the other side.

Note this photo from yesterday, via Mueller She Wrote:

The Largest and Most Comprehensive Poll of American Attitudes Toward the Israel-Hamas Conflict Gives Biden Strong Marks With The Public, Democrats and Young People - Realize these results are cutting against conventional wisdom now, but I think they make sense. Democrats saw an expansion of their coalition in the elections last week, not struggle; Biden’s approval has ticked up a bit in the 538 tracker this week. We have work to do here but there is no sign of significant Biden brand damage due to the conflict. In fact, Biden’s approval on the conflict is far higher than his overall approval and one on his strongest areas of polling of all the issues he faces now.

For those questioning these results, it’s possible that for many Americans Hamas’ attack on Israel brings back memories of the 9/11 era, and how similar terrorists brought so much harm and trauma to the United States and people all around the world.

Trump’s War on Immigrants and Immigration Is A Big 2024 Problem for Republicans - As someone who has been on the front lines of the immigration battles here in the US over the past 20 years, I remain shocked at how radical and wild Trump’s new immigration plans are. By embracing raids, mass incarceration and mass deportation, he has entered a dangerous political place that we know from years of polling an overwhelming majority of the country rejects, akin to the public’s rejection of abortion bans of any kind. This position was so unpopular that the anti-immigration movement abandoned it more than a decade ago, adopting a far softer “self-deportation” strategy. The GOP’s xenophobia has helped push the heavily Mexican-American parts of the US further and further away from the Rs over the past 20 years, and this plan almost certainly makes this region of the country even more challenging for all Republicans next year. It also makes it far less likely that Republicans will be successful with Latino voters next year. Trump’s plan is a literal war on immigrant communities and families across the US.

For months I’ve been talking about how abortion and treason are two new colossal 2024 problems for a party which has lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 Presidential elections, and lost the popular vote in the last 4 Presidential elections by 51%-46%. It’s possible now I will have to amend that formulation to be abortion, treason and mass deportation.

It’s all a reminder of why we cannot let them win.

Keep working hard all. We have work to do, but feel good about where we are as we head into 2024 - Simon