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Dean Philips Is A Suicide Bomber

Tremendous wealth + ego + unscrupulous political operatives = a blow to American democracy.
Published:October 12, 2023

By Rick Wilson

The war drums are beating in Republican and Democratic consultant circles that there might…just might be one more self-funding candidate cow to milk this season.

There’s a particular flavor of political consultant who can smell these candidates like wolves smell a wounded deer from 10 miles off, and Philips, who has about $100 million of his own to play with and promises of some Silicon Valley tech-bro cash, is drawing them to him.

If Philips chooses to primary Joe Biden, he’ll do it with a veneer of respect — “Biden is a good man, but too old to face the challenges of today” with the net effect of handing the Trump machine more fodder for their central attack on the President: his age.

Philips is 2024’s Pat Buchanan, a political suicide bomber who dies in the process but wounds Biden, perhaps fatally.

Philips is profoundly unready for higher office but arrogant and reckless enough to believe the venal lies of those telling him to run. All he will accomplish is to further divide the Democratic base at a time when unity is a weapon against the return of Trump.

He has to decide today if he's going to primary Biden…and the people pushing him into the race will shock the hell out of you.