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Raw. Unfiltered. Bold. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo reports from Ukraine on the war and the fights on zero lines around the globe in defense of democracy and against autocratic forces making gains. Slava Ukrainii!
Understanding The Realities Of Russian Propaganda And Disinformation
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo gives an update on the war from Kyiv and shares her experiences being targeted by Russian propaganda. Sarah and Lisa Senecal discuss useful Russian stooges like Tucker Carlson who aid the Kremlin by pushing its disinformation into the US mainstream and social media.
September 14, 2023
ZeroLine with Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
A Year In Ukraine: A Perspective From The Front Line
On this episode of The ZeroLine, Sarah Ashton-Cirillio connects with executive editor of Resolute Square, Lisa Senecal. The two discuss the Russian invasion and its global implications as Sarah reflects on her last 19 months on the front lines in Ukraine.
September 7, 2023
ZeroLine with Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
The Geopolitical Miscalculations Of Russia's Genocide In Ukraine
Host Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is joined by foreign policy expert Jessica Berlin. Berlin provides fascinating perspective on the various calculations and miscalculations by not only Russia, but the US and its NATO partners. She explains that our 30 years of “perceived stability” allowed us to forget the language of violence used by dictators use to gain and hold power.
August 3, 2023
ZeroLine with Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
The Fight For Freedom: Ukraine's Battle Against Russian Aggression
With his voice altered to protect him, "John Jackson" talks with Sara Ashton-Cirillo about the UN's inaction on Russia's illegal war, as well as the promises made to Ukraine and Putin's cowardice.
July 27, 2023
How The War Ends: Why Ukraine’s Total Victory Over Russia Is The Only Option
This inaugural episode of ZeroLine with host Sarah Ashton-Cirillo begins with a discussion of how Russia’s illegal invasion and senseless slaughter of civilians must end: Total victory for Ukraine. Sarah sits down with guest Olexander Scherba, Ambassador for Strategic Communications from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They discuss Ukraine's historic mission, the war of good versus evil, and the ten-point peace formula. Hear Ambassador Scherba's insight into Russia’s unwillingness to negotiate honestly, that there are not always two sides to every story, and the truth is the truth. Don't miss out on this powerful conversation about the fight for freedom and justice!
July 20, 2023

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