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Strategy Session

Our live members-only interactive weekly strategy session where Rick Wilson, Stu Stevens, Joe Trippi, and Reed Galen pull the back off the political strategy machine and show you what's really inside.
Strategy Session
How To Run For President
Tara talks with Stu and Reed about Trump's troubles, McCarthy, and how to run for president
November 23, 2022
He's Back
On this special episode of the Strategy Call, Tara and they guys dig into the fallout from “Florida Man’s” announcement. They take you inside the room to dissect the strategy behind the Biden Administration and Rupert Murdoch’s reaction to Trump’s announcement. And what’s going on with that DeSantis ad?
November 18, 2022
The Strategy Call
Strategy Call Premiere Episode
On the premiere episode, Tara Setmayer takes you inside the room with Rick Wilson, Reed Galen, Stuart Stevens, Joe Trippi, and Maya May, as they talk strategy about the GOP implosion after the midterm, the return of the orange one, and more. This is a free preview of our subscriber-only weekly event.
November 16, 2022

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