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Every week, host Juliet Jeske -a researcher and journalist with a background in covering extremism - does what the rest of us just can't face - she watches and analyzes more than 15 hours of Fox News. But understanding what the Right's chief propaganda network is saying is essential to saving democracy - and having Juliet DeCoding Fox News for us is essential to saving our sanity.
Fox Fantasies: Trump Is Amazing!
Juliet Jeske dives into a week of Fox News brainwashing. Brit Hume emerges as a surprising critic of Trump and the GOP during the New Hampshire primary. The Five cast attacks Nikki Haley prematurely, while Kellyanne Conway reacts dramatically and a diner guest surprises all.
January 30, 2024
Fox Goes Full Trump And Non-Scandal Freakout
Fox News hosts freaked out over various scandals that weren't scandals. The network has now gone all in for Trump and basically become part of his campaign. Everyone love paper ballots. Low education voters LOVE Trump. Judge Jeanine criticized Madonna for having too much plastic surgery - no really. The next 11 months will be a bumpy ride. I make fun of Fox News a lot in this one.
January 25, 2024
Interview With John V. Petrocelli Author of "The Life Changing Science of Detecting B******t."
Join Juliet Jeske, the host of Decoding Fox News, as she interviews John V. Petrocelli, author of 'The Life Changing Science of Detecting B******t'. Together, they discuss his book and the different methods we can use to "detect bulls**t".
December 26, 2023
Fox News - Off Year Election Night Meltdown!
Join host Juliet Jeske as she decodes the intense off-year election night meltdown on Fox News, exploring the complete meltdowns of Sean Hannity and his guests.
November 9, 2023

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