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Trump's Toadies Take Manhattan!

Decoding Fox News

Published:May 21, 2024
Fox News completely forgot about pro-Palestinian protesters and the Israel-Hamas War choosing instead to focus on Trump’s criminal hush money trial in Manhattan. The network featured Trump’s toadies - a legion of lawmakers desperate to suck up to their dear leader. Jesse Watters claimed Trump was meditating in court - not nodding off. Judge Jeanine Pirro clutched her pearls over Biden’s joke “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays.” Laura Ingraham defended a NFL kicker’s commencement speech and Rachel Campos-Duffy pitted Black Americans against Latino Americans. Eric Shawn continued to drop truth bombs and Steve Doocy went rogue!

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  • "This Could Be A Blowout"
    That Trippi Show

    That Trippi Show

    Joe and Alex discuss the latest from the Sunshine State... why Florida might be closer than people realize. And what does that mean nationally? We zoom out and look at that new Fox News poll that has some VERY encouraging numbers under the hood. Turns out 34 felony convictions isn't actually a good thing... And what does Joe think President Biden has to do to win the debate next week? It all comes down to one word...
    June 21, 2024
  • News is Dead
    The Enemies List

    Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

    The steady decline of traditional media seems a near certainty. In this podcast episode, Rick speaks with Margaret Talev, a journalist and head of the Institute for Democracy, Journalism, and Citizenship at Syracuse University. They discuss the evolving challenges in the news industry, including the decline of local news, the rise of misinformation on social media, and the growing distrust in media, particularly among conservatives. Talev emphasizes the importance of reliable news sources for a healthy democracy and describes efforts to rebuild local news and civic engagement. She also shares insights from focus groups and polling on voter behavior and media consumption, highlighting the impact of media sources on public perceptions and polarization.
    June 19, 2024
  • The Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict and A Preview of The Next Big Lie for 2024

    Decoding Fox News

    Hunter Biden was found guilty of three felony gun charges and everyone on Fox News lost their ever loving minds over it. Judge Jeanine and several other hosts decided that First Lady Jill Biden was intimidating the jurors when she showed up at her stepson’s trial. Juan Williams pointed out the obvious that Americans are rarely charged for lying on gun forms. Jesse Watters and Charlie Hurt made things up about undocumented immigrants voting. Greg Gutfeld laid track for the next Big Lie where Trump will claim he won the 2024 election no matter what the outcome. Judge Jeanine also seemed to think Biden was president in 2018 and Ainsley Earhardt predicted Michelle Obama would run for president.
    June 19, 2024
  • Fox News: Shilling For Trump with Fauci and Hunter Biden Hysteria

    Decoding Fox News

    Fox tried to forget that Trump was just found guilty of 34 criminal felony charges. The network focused on his fundraising while openly shilling for his campaign. Fox also trotted out two old villains - Hunter Biden, the drug-addicted son of the president and Dr. Anthony Fauci, a man the right-wing has turned into a sadistic mad scientist. Judge Jeanine blamed Jill Biden for the actions of her husband. Donald J. Trump seems to think he’s God. Steve Doocy openly called Trump a convicted felon and Laura Ingraham rehashed old conspiracy theories about COVID-19.
    June 13, 2024
  • Trump's Guilty Verdict - The Immediate Aftermath

    Decoding Fox News

    Fox & Friends featured an interview with Trump that was supposed to be 90 minutes long yet they just recycled and cut up the same 15 minutes over four hours. Trump made a slightly racist remark to Rachel Campos-Duffy. Will Cain fawned all over him. Gov. Doug Burgum called for people to rise up against the Trump verdict. Jesse Watters predicted a revolution while Greg Gutfeld implied they’ll be riots if Trump doesn’t win in 2024. I also do a bit about Judge Jeanine Pirro at the end.
    June 6, 2024