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Decoding Fox News: Bloodbaths, Taco Bowls and The Hunter Biden Nothing-Burger

Decoding Fox News

Published:March 27, 2024
Fox News hosts were outraged that members of the media reacted to Trump saying there will be a bloodbath if he doesn't win reelection. Jesse Watters thinks Mexicans love Trump's taco bowls. Judge Jeanine said migrants will steal your home. Steve Doocy went rogue twice! The House held the another nothing-burger hearing about Hunter Biden.

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  • Fox Begins to Pivot to Attacking Kamala Harris While Celebrating SCOTUS Coronating King Trump

    Decoding Fox News

    Fox News spent a lot of time trashing Biden even including segments during the July 4th celebrations. The network also is starting to pivot to trashing Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s the mastermind of a vast conspiracy to cover up Biden’s declining mental state. Hunter Biden has the nuclear codes. Bernie Sanders and The Squad are going to rip the country in half. The Democrats will stack the Supreme Court! Trump definitely won’t abuse his power and a preview of what life might look like under Project 2025.
    July 10, 2024
  • PART ONE - Trump Pres. Debate Fact Check

    Decoding Fox News

    This is the audio version of a comprehensive fact check of 53 lies Donald J. Trump told during the first presidential debate. Because there were so many I had to break it into two parts. This is Part One. Part Two will drop shortly. The written version, complete with hyperlinks to all sources, can be found at the Substack channel for Decoding Fox News. It is free for anyone to read.
    July 3, 2024
  • Migrant Crime Horror Shows and Biden Cheap Fakes

    Decoding Fox News

    Fox New promoted a lot of stories about crimes allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants. While the network pretended to care about the safety of American women it ignored a Supreme Court ruling that supported a law that bars domestic abusers from owning guns. Jesse Watters attempted to mock Joe Biden for walking like an 81-year-old man. Newt Gingrich compared Trump to Reagan and predicted that Trump would be calm and controlled while sparring with Biden. A data expert didn’t seem to know that wages have outpaced inflation for 12 straight months and there was some drama about a Fox News poll that showed Biden inching ahead of Trump. I also compare how Fox and PBS handled the new law in Louisiana that mandates the Ten Commandments in all school classrooms.
    June 26, 2024
  • "This Could Be A Blowout"
    That Trippi Show

    That Trippi Show

    Joe and Alex discuss the latest from the Sunshine State... why Florida might be closer than people realize. And what does that mean nationally? We zoom out and look at that new Fox News poll that has some VERY encouraging numbers under the hood. Turns out 34 felony convictions isn't actually a good thing... And what does Joe think President Biden has to do to win the debate next week? It all comes down to one word...
    June 21, 2024
  • News is Dead
    The Enemies List

    Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

    The steady decline of traditional media seems a near certainty. In this podcast episode, Rick speaks with Margaret Talev, a journalist and head of the Institute for Democracy, Journalism, and Citizenship at Syracuse University. They discuss the evolving challenges in the news industry, including the decline of local news, the rise of misinformation on social media, and the growing distrust in media, particularly among conservatives. Talev emphasizes the importance of reliable news sources for a healthy democracy and describes efforts to rebuild local news and civic engagement. She also shares insights from focus groups and polling on voter behavior and media consumption, highlighting the impact of media sources on public perceptions and polarization.
    June 19, 2024