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Claire Atkin

Co-founder of Check My Ads and Resolute Square Contributor

About Claire Atkin

Claire Atkin is co-founder of Check My Ads, the adtech industry’s first watchdog leading the effort to halt the spread of disinformation.

Check My Ads Institute is an independent watchdog reshaping the digital adtech industry from within its ranks — and building a new sustainable standard in digital advertising. Check My Ads is holding the surveillance adtech industry accountable for abuses against advertisers and consumers and spearheading the development of a transparent, efficient, and privacy-focused digital advertising marketplace.

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Defunding The Disinformation Economy
Turns out advertisers don't like their brands associated with funding the rantings of depraved, racist, homophobic anti-Semites. Thanks to Check My Ads, the money is drying up.
February 2, 2023