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Romeo Kokriatski

Managing Editor, NV English (The New Voice of Ukraine)

About Romeo Kokriatski

Romeo is a Ukrainian-born New York native that returned to the homeland after the Euromaidan, and has had a career in journalism spanning Ukrainian independent media, including Hromadske and Zaborona.

Co-host and founder of independent podcast Ukraine Without Hype. Inveterate political junky.
Romeo is a fan of video and tabletop games, and is chronically online at @VagrantJourno.

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What Price Victory?
Romeo Kokriatski writes from Ukraine: "So many of our countrymen have lost everything. If we allow our morale to flag, if we allow ourselves to consider any answer other than “liberation,” then we consign ourselves to lose everything too, to lose that which makes us fundamentally Ukrainian – our freedom."
February 29, 2024